05 years agoPDackersPDackers
You're not late at all. I know this topic isn't really MFC material, but I really wanted to know your view on the subject. So any input is greatly appreciated.

Music sure is something I can't live without. :) And I think this is a great time for exploration and starting a 'new' life. I just need to get adjusted to the fact that this is 'my' place. All in good time so to speak. :)

Again: I want to thank each and everyone of you for your comments!
05 years agoEnvyNekoEnvyNeko
I think I'm totally late to the conversation but.... How long it takes for you to feel comfortable depends on your take on it. Like others suggested personalizing your space makes it more comfy and having a pet works well too. But you know, if you still live nearby your family you can still visit if you're feeling homesick. I would go to my parent's house for dinner a couple of times before they moved 4 states away.

Having friends come over often makes it easier too. And always make sure you have something to do! : D I would usually play music through my computer pretty much 24/7 (though I stopped that because of electricity costs) but playing music while you're home works well. Just make sure to listen at a considerate volume!

Best regards at feeling at home!
05 years ago (5 years ago)mintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
I wanna wish you luck! I think hanging posters is a fabulous idea! My attic room in my dad's house felt so sad until I hung some wall scrolls and viola! It felt like my room! Now with some shelves full of DVDs and manga and figures, I'm not sad anymore. I'm moving out next May with my fiancee, so I'm actually quite happy to be moving out and starting a home. But if I was moving by myself, I'd be patient and unpack my collectibles ASAP! (a room full of stuff isn't as scary as an empty room) I also agree that maybe a cat or small caged animal might help. I like fishes myself. :)
05 years ago (5 years ago)PDackersPDackers
Let's not react to others their comments if you don't agree with them, let's keep it clean. I was just curious as to how others handled the situation. This is a blog/article which isn't interesting to some (according to the score) and all I wanted was to get some insight as I have trouble adjusting. Even writing this puts my mind at ease at this moment. I know that sounds silly.

That being said, I want to thank you all who took the time to write a reaction. Some very useful tips and I need to be more patient. Hanging up posters or images is a great idea. Again, thank you all. :-)
05 years agoKEY-FanKEY-Fan
Wow. I really though I was a nerd, watching tons of anime every week. But honestly, you don't feel lonely, as long as you have the internet?! That's really sad. (No offense intended!) Honestly, when all people need is a computer and they don't care where they live at all, I pity them. And I really wonder how you yourself can be happy with that.

That being said, now @ the topic: Having a pet of your own might help you. Or maybe you could invite collegues/friends to your new place once or twice a week. Other than that, it took me around half a year to don't miss the commotion my siblings made all day ;D
05 years agohikari2905hikari2905
Gimme a week, that's the minimum time for me to feel at home. The net my & laptop, that's all I need to survive the loneliness.
05 years ago (5 years ago)eefieefi
I think many people don't ever face the problem to live alone. You know, you're young and move to some far-away town to study or to work but you move into a shared apartment (very common here). When you are fed up with getting along with the room mates, you move together with your bf/gf.

It also depends on how big your apartment is. I had one for half a year and it was just basically one room, a very small kitchen and a bathroom. Enough for one person, not enough for more. It would've probably felt different if it was a lot bigger though. Mine felt just like an extension of the room I had when living with my parents.
05 years ago (5 years ago)sakuravssakuravs
As long as I have my laptop/desktop and the Internet by my side, it feels like home everywhere I go. I have moved 2 times during the last 5 years and the first night is always lonely, too, because...again, no Internet! but once all the Internet & TV cable services is set up & ready to use, that feeling disappears instantly.
05 years agoRaditzFanRaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
When I had my apartment, it does feel a bit lonely at times. It was began that I decided to try to explore new places like the local diner or book store. I kinda tend to like quiet but at night it does get to be a bit scary being by oneself. A pet also eases the lonilness. :)
05 years agodarkangeldarkangel
I think it has a lot to do with the person as to how long before you're completely settled. I just moved into my own place in May but I'd say I've settled in. I admit I find it very quiet so I almost always have music playing. It also helps that I have a cat so I've got another living creature I can interact with.

I found the place really empty for the first few months until I finally got around to hanging up my pictures and posters. The more I personalized it, the more it felt like my own place and that I could call it "home".
05 years agoObsidianKingObsidianKing
When i was out on my own (for about 2 years almost) it never really felt like 'home' per se, i always hated it because it was too quiet. I always found myself going out to the mall or something to just hear people talk. I always had to make trips back to my hometown to see my friends and stuff. In my opinion, it never feels like home unless you have other people around you, but that's just me.
05 years agoEagleamEagleam I do what I can!
How long, I can't say as I am sure it varies person to person and I myself haven't been out on my own yet. The closest I am coming to that is my Brother and I have bought a house which should be complete and we'll have possession of in 3-4 months from now. Now that's us getting out of the 'nest' but since it's our place...well it won't very well be my own.

I think though that in time the strange and lonely will change to pleasure and satisfaction. It being your own place it will become your charished hovel. Now you have a freedom of not having parents or siblings bugging you, you'll have your own chores and responsibilities and doing things as you see fit or ready to go about them.

As I look over this I am not exactly getting to your question am I? Haha, all in all I would think within a month or so it will be very comfortably 'home' but as I said initially it will depend on each individual on when that comfort comes to be.