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Nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu
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Yes, her arms are on backwards. No, I didn't notice before uploading. >.<

Constructive criticism on the review is not only appreciated, you may consider it requested (key word being: constructive), if it's 100% perfect and I shouldn't change a thing, tell me that, too, I guess.

To see bigger versions of the pictures, clicking on them will take you to their picture page, which should let you grab a full sized (well, 1500 wide, which should be plenty big) version of them.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get on with the review!

Firstly let's take a look at her packaging. It's the standard Nendoroid box, and is orange with a K-ON! themed background.

She's reasonably well packaged in her blister - it's dominated by her drum kit, which is the main accessory that she is bundled with.

She also comes with a headband-less front hair piece, which is nice, and the fairly standard 2 extra faces, a crying/sulking face and a dismayed face.

The drum kit is quite nicely detailed, and Ritsu comes with a seated leg/stool piece to let her sit behind it.
What do you mean wrong head? Nobody will notice, I'm sure.

She also comes with a bruise for her head to show where her violent friend has physically abused her. (:3)

It's held on with a magnet inside her back hair piece. It's ~magic~.

Her 'hair down' piece continues to be really nice. Nothing against the headband, but she looks really good with her hair down.
Ritsucopter away!

In conclusion, Ritsu has been nicely transformed into Nendoroid form. She's cute, she's got cool accessories, and there is a magnet in there. Magnets are cool.

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05 years agoCarnitasFeverCarnitasFever
Darn these Nenddoroid figures. They come with such great accessories. I am going to have to break down and get me one at some point.
05 years agoSaichiSaichi
thanks for review!! Hope I can buy this cute Ritsu too. =)
05 years agoShuuruShuuru
Nice review! Ritsu looks really cute!!



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