iNovember Loot (of bishonens!)n/a    Readers' selection (2014-12-05)

Ahh first post, and boy do I have a lot of nice things to show~


They were 3 separate shipments, the first 2 came together back in mid-November.

The first as of my friend's gift to me, the Cleaning Levi Nendoroid! We just opened him at school and began taking pictures cuz we were so excited!
Him still inside box. Pretty typical nendo box, though it was a bit smaller than the Kaito and Gakupo nendo boxes that a friend of mine has.
Ahhhh he is seriously too cute! Worth every penny. :'D
Couldn't resist re-creating the famous window scene. ;D

Now onto the shipments from Amiami and Hobbysearch~
The boxes next to my cat for size comparison. Lol wow cats really can't stay away from boxes!

First up is the lovely Kise Ryouta from Kuroko's Basketball! His figure is the 1/8 scale from Megahouse.
His box is pretty large, but then again the figure is quite elaborate and tall.
Box side image of his bishie face.
After attaching his one long pole into his foot, I let go of him (with caution) and he looks good!
Kise bae, your face is perfect. T_T
He definitely looks the best from the top angle, like you're looking down at him from the basket. xD

Next onto my personal fave from the month's loot: Haruka Nanase from Free! Brought to you by Alter and Hobbystock.
I was screaming when I saw his box. It's seriously small and compact, though a lot of people will appreciate that.
A nice translucent image of him on the right side.
Him in the blister. You can also see the first edition bonus of goggles in the corner!
Haru out of the box. He cuts quite a stunning silhouette!
From the back. No noticeable painting flaws on his jacket.
His face is seriously soooo nice. Maybe because it's my first Alter figure, but I can't stop marveling at his beauty...
His simple and transparent base. Some will like it, others notsomuch... I think it's ok, considering I'm looking at his -ahem- other assets, not the base.
Oh yes, and this is a closeup of him with the goggles on. I'm surprised at how easily his head pops off for you to put them on. xD I was startled.
And here's the obligatory Haru+water shot!

Thanks for reading~ hope you enjoyed! :D

Comments (7)

42 years agoSnaduSnadu
It was really refreshing to see a bishonen loot. Great post!
12 years agoiced_wineiced_wine
Very nice! Cleaning Levi is just adorable!!
12 years agoJessicaJungJessicaJung 神様
Great loot ^>^
12 years agoerineaerinea
Oh my, I can't wait to have the cleaning Heichou nendo! He's just too cute ♡
I also have both Kise and Haru (my first male figures) and I'm quite impressed with their quality. Kise is flawless and amazingly sculpted. He's also bigger than I expected (I guess that Midorima won't fit in my shelf, because he's even bigger haha).
Haru has a small defect on the jacket, but his face came out better than I thought, so I'm really happy with the result. Now I understand why Alter and Megahouse are so well known.

Enjoy your bishies!!
12 years agoYuinnaYuinna
Great loot! I have a Makoto coming my way soon. I may get Haru later down the road, though!
12 years agotilipitappitilipitappi
Great sculpt on that Haruka Nanase figure!
Nice loot!
12 years agoTheySayMoopTheySayMoop
Awesome haul!



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