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Hello everyone~

After a long wait, I finally received my Pokemon Red Nendoroid! This is the one I ordered from the US Pokemon Centre.

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First thing when I opened it - yay! Didn't come with any other packaging that one measly air bubble packet though D:

All in good condition though. Phew!
The next thing that really caught me off guard was the English packaging! It's the only Nendoroid I own that I can understand the packaging! Weird!

Out of the box - doesn't come with too many accessories but I'm happy enough with just the Pokemon he comes with!

The Pokeballs are so tiny OwO

And here he is outside of his box!

And managed to fit him in my Detolf - this thing is getting too full so it was a real miracle.

Overall I found Red extremely pleasant and fun to put together! Even though he had small parts they were easy to use (Unlike Sakura *cough*) and I didn't feel like I was going to break them immediately after touching them. The backpack was also very easy to get on which was nice.

The Pokemon are also super good quality - I am pleased! Click under to see them close up:
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Overall, if you like Pokemon or love the nostalgia, I would highly recommend this Nendo!~

Thanks for reading!

Comments (5)

02 years agoMaakieMaakie
I'm impressed with the quality of the Pokémon! Very cute overall! :)
12 years agoDerpymuffinDerpymuffin
and now for them to start rolling out with over 690 more mini poke s to go with either trainer nendo !!!!
12 years agohhh890hhh890
same here. wish I had managed to get him. T_T I choose you charmander
12 years agoCrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin
He's completely cute! Sad I miss my chance to get him. Thanks for sharing, great pics and he really looks like a great nendoroid to have ^^
02 years agoSasunarufan13Sasunarufan13
He's adorable - I wish I had managed to get him :(

Although I would probably be scared to lose one of the Pokeballs O_O They are so tiny!



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