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Sorry for the delay, I overslept! 2 set of nomination were canceled but it had no effect on the ranking. And we got 2 male figure in the poll!

[Number of nomination] (Database link) Character Name [Manufacturer Name][Hit(s) Tie Breaker]
[12] item #198394 Akuma Homura, Kyuubey [Stronger]
[08] item #221043 Alisha Diphda [Alter]
[05] item #236178 Ciel Phantomhive [Kotobukiya][31961]
[05] item #266736 Kasugano Sora [Alter][7482]
[04] item #198458 Yato [MegaHouse][42444]

[04] item #198576 Sonico [Good Smile Company & Wings Company][19110]
[02] item #119376 Yami Bakura [Kotobukiya][28058]
[02] item #236243 Sakuya [Kotobukiya][17531]
[02] item #198518 Sarashiki Tatenashi [FREEing][10404]
[02] item #198427 Oribe Yasuna, Sonya [Phat Company][6495]
[01] item #189883 Midorima Shintarou [MegaHouse][26675]
[01] item #133954 Sadi-chan [MegaHouse][26231]
[01] item #246479 Tachibana Makoto [Taito][17700]
[01] item #259914 Trafalgar Law [MegaHouse][10686]
[01] item #246236 Kinomoto Sakura, Kero-chan [Furyu][9004]
[01] item #198532 Charlotte Dunois [Gift][7871]
[01] item #257625 Matsushima Michiru, Nyanmel [Kotobukiya][6460]
[01] item #251317 Yurisha Iscandar [MegaHouse][6245]
[01] item #260012 Sheryl Nome [Banpresto][2162]
[01] item #246028 Kousou no Majutsushin Odin [Eikoh][1829]

The poll will be running until next Monday 12:00 UTC time.

ScheduleNomination: Saturday April 4th 2015, 12:00 UTC time
Poll: Monday April 6th 2015, 12:00 UTC time
Poll End: Monday April 13th 2015, 12:00 UTC time

NextScheduleNomination: Saturday May 2nd 2015, 12:00 UTC time
Poll: Monday May 4th 2015, 12:00 UTC time
Poll End: Monday May 11th 2015, 12:00 UTC time

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March Poll

  • 41.4%
    Akuma Homura, Kyuubey [Stronger]
  • 16.74%
    Alisha Diphda [Alter]
  • 22.33%
    Ciel Phantomhive [Kotobukiya]
  • 7.91%
    Kasugano Sora [Alter]
  • 11.63%
    Yato [MegaHouse]

215 votes

Comments (7)

02 years ago (2 years ago)AzyxAzyx
Closed! With a total of 196 votes.

[81] Akuma Homura, Kyuubey [Stronger]
[45] Ciel Phantomhive [Kotobukiya]
[31] Alisha Diphda [Alter]
[24] Yato [MegaHouse]
[15] Kasugano Sora [Alter]
02 years agoAzyxAzyx
Poll end in a little more than 8 hours!
02 years agoalyssajaynealyssajayne
I don't know who any of them are other than Homura, so I'm guessing that swayed my vote just a teeny bit.
12 years agoclampotakuclampotaku
Yato needs more love! He's an amazing figure in person!
12 years agoAzyxAzyx
victorviper (2 years ago) #2868458I voted for Sora, since someone had to. Plus, I like her the best of all the finalists.

I felt lonely for awhile! xD
12 years agovictorvipervictorviper
I voted for Sora, since someone had to. Plus, I like her the best of all the finalists.
42 years agoMoroMoro
I didn't even bother to do nominations because I was already pretty sure who was going to win but I'm quite surprised that Ciel is almost tied with Homura O:



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