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Erio Touwa (1/7 Alphamax) Video Review

Brendan352Brendan3522 years agoReview
A quick summary:

Erio Touwa instantly became one of my favorite anime characters the moment I saw her on the ground wrapped in her futon. She's simple, beautiful, and slightly off. This 1/7 scale figure from Alphamax was my Erio of choice because I feel it captures those three things about her best. Erio's clothes are fairly plain, but they are captured well here. Her face and hair are my favorite part of the figure and her expression is just perfect. I was really happy with this figure and I'm glad I decided to get it. It's an older one, that's for sure, but it holds up extremely well. My video review for this one was slightly rushed (I was in a hurry), but I still enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy watching it!! Thanks

Video Review:

Let me know what you think of the figure and thanks for watching :)
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