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Wow, they already got a promo video out! So I'm guessing it'll definitely be coming out this year -- probably in the Fall? Summer seems a bit early, so I'm thinking Fall.

Also, the additional heroines from the EX version of Little Busters! are going to be included in the anime.

From the looks of the animation, it seems PA Works did get it after all. I'm thoroughly disappointed, because of how amazingly Kyoto Animation handled Air, Kanon 2006, and Clannad, and how so-so Angel Beats was, at least in comparison (for those that may not know, PA Works did Angel Beats).

Anyway, I'm definitely starting to get excited. Although there's not much to the promo video, seeing Little Busters! in anime form has got me really looking forward to it.

Here's hoping that PA Works can live up to the standards that KyoAni has set!

So, you think this'll be good?

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05 years agootaku-cupcakeotaku-cupcake Megley (◡‿◡✿)
I can't wait!~>w<
15 years agoAleAle
its finally going to be jc staff instead of PA works =/
05 years agoHellriderHellrider
Though honestly, I was a bit disappointed to see Saya included in the promo, since the full LB!EX translation probably won't be completed before this airs.

I'm glad they did, I doubt they would release a Saya arc later if they don't do it now. Even if it would be an OVA a la Kyou/Tomoyo they would probably finish releasing the dvds before the Ecstasy translation is out.
05 years ago (5 years ago)AriettaArietta
I recently started the VN in preparation for this, as seeing the adaptation first made the Kanon VN feel repetitive (thanks to KyoAni's adaptation being so faithful and excellent) and effected my enjoyment, despite my great love of Kanon. Regardless of how great the LB adaptation may end up, I'll inevitably have at least some minor complaints, but I much prefer experiencing the source material first whenever possible.

Though honestly, I was a bit disappointed to see Saya included in the promo, since the full LB!EX translation probably won't be completed before this airs.
05 years agonitromobnitromob
I haven't played the game myself but I hope it doesn't turn into some generic looking anime (It could with a short length and all those characters). I will watch it though as the characters are cute looking.
05 years agoNeko_OrihimeNeko_Orihime
This made my day <3 Thank youu!!
I seriously can;t wait for this, I finally found the game, I patched it and I'm finally playing it after 2 years of hunting it. And I'm just so excited to see all the characters I love so much in anime form ^______________^
Especially Rin, who I have always been a fan off, and now that I know how she's like even more. I can't wait to see more of her anime form :D
This will be awesome, it must be <3

Also, I hope for lots of Rin figures and maybe if I'm really lucky even a nendo <3 And to make that perfect they should include her cat face xD
Nendo Rin with all that, and I might have my favorite nendo ever <3
05 years agodymitrdymitr
+1 for PA Works, also I think your coming down to hard on PA Works while Angel Beats wasn't perhaps their best animation it doesn't change that they are a top-tier animation-studio which has produced many masterpieces.
05 years agoAleAle
looks good so far, just hoping it turns out better than angel beats. some of my friends consider angel beats one of the best series ever but im like "dude... i bet you didnt watch clannad yet"
05 years ago (5 years ago)HellriderHellrider
I read an article somewhere which mentioned Aniplex wanted to do the anime, but they had their proposal refused by Key; they planned to do a 13-episode series. If that is what's gonna happen it won't be good, IMO.

In order to Little Busters to have an acceptable length to be good, I think it would require some 30 episodes for all the heroin routes plus 26 episodes for Refrain, and even then I would feel it's a bit too condensed, which is what happened in Angel Beats, too few episodes.
05 years agodinonomscookiesdinonomscookies I'm your crack, smoke m...
Omg! I really cannot wait to see this!
Although I am also quite disappointed that Kyoani didn't get Little Busters!
But still; I am very looking forward to this and thanks for the update!~

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