iHELP to play with a JP game?n/a

Hello everybody!
I'd need your help because I purchased a JP videogame I'd like to play. It's "Wagamama Capriccio".
My problem is that I don't understand Japanese (..) and I managed installing on my PC both programs I can use to hook the text and translate it:
I finally managed installing everything, and the game runs perfectly, same for Atlas.
My actual problem is AGTH, because it doesn't recognize the text at all!! °__° dunno why!!
I clicked on the arrow adviced here:
[ext link ]
But it opens to me only 4 lines with written nothing like "GetGlyphOut" or such, but all 4 lines another thing that actually I don't remember (I closed the game).
As I've understood it's the text of the main menu of the game, but even if I load the other pages and scenes (I tried going to 10th scene of the game!) it doesn't recognize other words, nor anything.
I'm really sad :( What do you advice to me to do?
Let me know,

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05 years agoimacatloverimacatlover
AGTH is kinda annoying~ Try this page [ext link ] for a tutorial on ITH. It's an much easier text hooker than AGTH.

Good Luck! :D
05 years ago (5 years ago)dymitrdymitr
I would say your best chance is to look here: [ext link ] and [ext link ]



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