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#figurefridaychallenge: Box

Boxes, especially this time of year, contain great gifts and surprises. And most figures, at least those not from a prize machine, come in their own boxes. Some are pretty plain, others can be pretty elaborate and well designed.

Do you have any boxes... or any figures still in their boxes looking for a spotlight to be shared?

See a collection of unboxings from the community here: [ext link ]

Have fun and be sure let us know if you participate by dropping off the photo to the community.



Photo Credit: Miku shot by Vincent H: [ext link ]

If you want to see some of the previous challenges, you can check out the Figure Photography Challenge Archive.

How many of your figures are still in their boxes?

  • 61.29%
    None! I showcase what I buy.
  • 15.05%
    Just a few. Some I just never got to.
  • 2.15%
    Some. I got tired of a few and I like to rotate.
  • 12.9%
    A lot. No space so I can only keep my favorites out.
  • 7.53%
    I hoard. Must... keep... pristine...
  • xD
  • 1.08%
    I have 1 I accidentally found out my parents got for me for Christmas, so yeah I can't open that xD

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Comments (2)

11 year agoThothThoth
I truly need to break the habit of displaying my figures in their boxes.
01 year agoeinonymouseinonymous
Oh wow... Looks like I'm one of the rare few who almost never open figures. They go right into my closet, not just because of space issues, but I also like the idea of owning them new.



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