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hello bringing you a topic that i remember when i saw again the 3rd chapter of puella magica madoka when View spoilerHide spoilermami tomoe was killed...

i come with a question

alert from spoiler!!!!!

which was the saddest death of an anime character that you remember the most???

for me 1. magica madoka, 2. Claymore, 3. Gurren Lagan teggen Toppa...
magica madokahide1. obviusly mami tomoe (puella magi magica madoka)
claymorehide2. Teresa (Claymore)
gurren laganhide3. Kamina (Gurren Lagan tegen Toppa)

for you?

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05 years ago (5 years ago)itsame00itsame00
1.Code Geass - View spoilerHide spoilerLelouch & Shirley
2.Guilty Crown - View spoilerHide spoilerHare
3.Clannad - View spoilerHide spoilerNagisa
4.Gundam 00 - View spoilerHide spoilerSmirnov Andrei & Lockon(1st)
5.TTGL - View spoilerHide spoilerKamina
Haven't really watched too much anime w/ people dying...
05 years ago (5 years ago)FutSanNoShadowKFutSanNoShadowK
1. ClannadClannadFuko, Nagisa, Ushio
2. Code GeassCode GeassLelouch, Shirley, Roro
3. Rozen MaidenRozen MaidenHinaichigo, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Kanaria, Suigintou
4. Grave of the FirefliesGrave of the FirefliesSetsuko
5. Mobile Suit Gundam 00Mobile Suit Gundam 00Christina, Lichtendahl, Andrei
05 years ago (5 years ago)R_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
View spoilerHide spoilerAsuka

You should've specified which Eva :P Some of us haven't seen the Rebuild movies.

I'm more into manga than anime, and some sad ones that I've come across there...

Twin SpicaTwin SpicaShu. Love his "return" at the end, too.

Neon Genesis Evangelion mangaNeon Genesis Evangelion mangaToji. That whole part of the story was amazing, much better than the anime.

Also, and this one really needs no introduction: Death NoteDeath NoteL (quite shocking, too)

And Fullmetal AlchemistFullmetal AlchemistHughes and Nina, as has been mentioned before, but I also felt some sympathy toward Wrath when he died.

Oh, oh and PlutoPlutoGesicht. He probably had the saddest death scene of all the robots.
05 years agoWatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Hotaru no HakaGrave of the FirefliesSeita & Setsuko

Oh, man. I totally forgot about them. ;___;

@ RolanMcDolan

I feel the same way about View spoilerHide spoilerMami's death. Barely knew her, and I didn't find her likeable 'cause she was all nice to Madoka and Sayaka, then was a huge bitch to Homura.
05 years ago (5 years ago)tisk394tisk394
i was shoked withNarutohideKakashi's death... and then since he wasnt death...

but it was really sad when NarutohideJiraya was murdered by Pain
05 years ago (5 years ago)RolanMcDolanRolanMcDolan
View spoilerHide spoilerMami's death didn't strike me as terribly sad. You barely knew her at that point, and her role in the show was pretty much a plot device to show that being a magical girl ain't all frilly outfits and magic beams. MadokahideKyouko and Sayaka's deaths struck me as sadder, given that you got to know them a bit more and they both had a lot more personality than Mami.
05 years agoStrife212Strife212 Original Blue
Even though I loved Madoka it never made me feel sad or impacted me in that way for some reason.

View spoilerHide spoilerWas really bad for this in the novels, Lancer dies awfully and it goes downhill from there
05 years agoEisenheimEisenheim
tisk394ohhh you know from remi!!!!
View spoilerHide spoilerwhen mr vitalis died!!! was sooo saad

I remember it when it was broadcasted on tv. :(
05 years agopiratepapillonpiratepapillon
Fushigi Yugi
View spoilerHide spoilerA lot of the deaths made me sad but Nuriko took the cake. I cried like a baby.
View spoilerHide spoilerNot an anime but a manga series so it counts anyway I think. What bothered me was when the main character's mom died and her body was taken over by one of the alien parasytes. He had to fight her body while struggling with all his memories of how much he loved her. That one just screwed with my mind.
View spoilerHide spoilerIt's been said by other's already. All of them. They all got me. That series is so damn sad.
05 years ago (5 years ago)DrewDrew
EvangelionHideNagisa Kaworu & Ayanami Rei II
You don't get much more depressing than this:
Hotaru no HakaGrave of the FirefliesSeita & Setsuko

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