i90% of collections have a Saber figure?n/a    Readers' selection (2016-10-27)

Just guessing that at least 90% of collections have at least one Saber figure. So I wondered with Saber being the most manufactured Anime figure with so many different varieties how many collections have at least one or more or none of the Anime figure queen Saber. So please vote in the poll below :)

Edit -

90% is a number pulled out of thin air take with a pinch of salt.

Do you own a Saber figure?

  • 30.32%
    Yes - 1 to 5 figures
  • 4.39%
    Yes - 6 to 10 figures
  • 2.53%
    Yes - 11 to 20 figures
  • 2.53%
    Yes - 20++++
  • Only collect Saber Figures
  • 18.62%
  • 7.98%
    No - But plan on buying one at some point
  • 29.12%
    No - Also have no interest in owning a Saber figure
  • 3.19%
    I HATE Saber
  • 1.33%
    Saber who?

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779 months agoEastEast
i'm clean

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08 months agoDaQiaoDaQiao
No Miku, Sonico or Saber yet and I do not intend to get one in near future.
Though some Saber figures surely catch my attention but I know very little about her and her series so Im not interested in her.
09 months agogemelligemelli
I own 2, Triumphant Excalibur by GSC and a Saber Lily version.

She's my favourite character from the Fate franchise, though I'm admittedly biased because I love Arthurian fiction as well.
09 months agogoliathusgoliathus
god, i own 0 Saber

is i'm still classified as collector?
09 months agoHijikataCloudHijikataCloud
I don't care much for Saber in her armored state...I like her in dresses, kimono or swimsuit/lingerie. Probably makes me in the minority but I do have two in my collection (was so close to getting the Master Artoria one, not Saber they say though)

I don't understand her popularity, though (like Miku: flamesuit on).
09 months agoSegaGirl5000SegaGirl5000
No Sabers here. I know nothing about the series so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
09 months agomimicteixeiramimicteixeira
i hate fate stay night but i have a saber
09 months agoHiroto_SumiHiroto_Sumi
No Sabers in this collection, except I did order a Saber figure for a friend... I really like the Huke Saber figure, but it's apparently really tall.
09 months agoagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
I'm not really into the series so I don't own one. But I have considered getting her recent bridal version just because it's beautiful.
09 months agoEccmyEccmy
I don't care about Saber, but I do own one: item #133946 solely because I love the dress and the overall design. I consider getting item #371722 as well one of these days for basically the same reasons (classic sailor fuku, sheathed wooden sword and overall design).
09 months agoMC707MC707
I buy any figure I like and can afford. A few of them happen to be Sabers, that is all.

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