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As I fall deeper into Sengoku Rance, I reach the end of the year. So this is all the stuff I received and ordered in December 2016.

(Also I'm too lazy to put in images)

These are the things I have at the moment

item #2 - This is a holy grail figure, she's absolutely gorgeous.
item #23 - I also really like this figure, but her stand is really annoying. If anyone else owns this figure, I'd appreciate some help!

item #331526 - I already own Satori, so I decided to get her sister! Unfortunately, one of her wires (is that the term?) broke. She came with the preorder bonus.

Garage Kits:
item #20220 - She is limited to 30 copies, so I'm very happy to own an official version of this figure. I'm almost finished putting here together, I just need to glue her parts and do some touch ups.
item #70529 - Another holy grail figure. I've already finished painting her.

item #110821
item #225964
item #226005
item #226006
item #226007
item #226008
item #226009 - I got a bunch of Pokémon manga. This is my favorite manga of all time, so I'm trying to get every volume. These are the English prints, since I know English much better than Japanese. I plan on picking up the Japanese versions in the future as well.

Physical Games:
item #149941 - Haven't played the game yet, but I really enjoyed Luigi's Mansion for the Game Cube. This is the English version.
item #504008 - Another game which comes from a series that I really liked. I've already started the game in my town "Nozomi." I'm gonna try my best to balance it with my village in CF in-titled "Yume." This is the English version. I still want to marry Sable
item #504020 - The finial 3DS game I got. The original Ocarina of Time is another one of my favorite games. This is the English version. I still haven't played it, but I'm hoping it doesn't require the R button, because mine is broken and I can't get past MM3D. :(
item #465450 - I'm trying to collect every Key game, and this is my second PC VN that I own the physical edition of.

So I'll be talking about games Steam now. I've added the games that are on here that I got to my owned list.
This is my Steam: [ext link ]

Digital Games:
[ext link ] - As a fan of Tsukihime, Melty Blood is a dream come true. I've been using Aoko the most.
[ext link ] - Given to me by a fried, I've already finished it. I need to probably re-install it so I can get the rest of the trading cards.
[ext link ] - I've played a bit already. I'm a big Grisaia fan as well.
[ext link ] - I am prepared for the feels!!!
[ext link ] - I previously read this chapter via the app, but why not re-read it?
[ext link ] - EDUCATIONAL MEMES BY THE ILLUMINATI!!!!!!! Given to me by a friend.
[ext link ] - I picked this up because of the amazing sale.

So here are the figures I have ordered (because I only have figures ordered):
item #4910
item #23836
item #517
item #3910
item #396958

Nothing really to say, since I haven't received the figs yet. Thanks for reading!

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