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Vocaloid Miku Hatsune Hanairogoromo Version Excl. Figure Review

MetalSamamonMetalSamamon10 months agoReview
Thanks again for all the constructive feedback on my reviews so far! To see my past reviews; click here: profiles.php?us...

Got another figure in the mail for my girlfriend! As promised, this is the 2nd review for today! I ended up getting two figures in the mail today (one from GSC, Nendoroid Lion Dance Miku, and this is the other one:

From the Vocaloid series, this is Miku Hatsune Hanairogoromo Version:

(Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display).

Here's her in the box:


Miku Hatsune is probably one of the most well known Vocaloid characters; and has dozens of different versions of her designed! This is one of them, the Hanairogoromo version.

This particular version of her is made by the company Stronger, which has made some really impressive figures (such as this figure: ITEM #249840 ; Isuzu Sento from Amagi Brilliant Park ).

That being the case, they did a really good job on the front of the box! The box is really stunning, with beautiful designs all over it on the outer edge. The inner plastic has gold lettering on it, which can be hard to read in poorly lit areas; but still looks really nice when it shines.

The box also has a really impressively sized inset of the figure, showing her in great detail!


Some of the information about the figure is listed on the inner plastic window as well; which is a bit unusual as this information is usually somewhere on the back or bottom of the box instead.

The box also features the text, "Snow Miku / Sky Town" on the top; referencing how this figure is an exclusive: It could only be ordered at the Snow Miku Sky Town Station in New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido Terminal (4F); on Synapse Mall, or on AmiAmi (where I got mine from).

Also orders for this figure could only be placed between February 1st, 2016 and March 27th, 2016; making this figure a limited exclusive!

Back of the box:


The back of the box is pretty nicely done as well! It shows off the figure from various angles, as well as close-ups of her face, the kimono details and her hair. This is also where all the rest of the legal information is for the figure.

Side of the box:



Both sides of the box show the same poses from the back of the box; but only 1 image each side this time. The gold text from the front of the box's plastic is now displayed on the sides; but in easier-to-read white-on-gold letters.

Inner Core:


Inside the package, Miku comes in a few pieces; with her umbrella, stand and plant accessories separate. Surprisingly the bird on her finger is a part of the figure and doesn't come off at all. Same holds true for both of her ponytails as well.

Out of the package, base:


One really stunning piece for this figure is her base! It's one of the best bases I've seen on a figure! It's really well made...very thick:


...with metal pegs that go into the thick ABS/PVC plastic! It's sturdy and has a really good weight to it as well! And the design on the base looks very beautiful; really complimenting the figure (instead of just being a plain, blank base).


Underneath is where the base's legal information is. It also shows where the metal pegs are inserted and the design on the base is put onto it.

Figure, without base:


Miku, even without the base, looks very pretty! The figure can't stand on it's own, as the base needs to plug into her in order to hold her upright. But the attention to detail is clear, even from this view.

Back view:


From the back, the details on Miku's kimono are really stunning! She has her obi (sash) tied up and done with a very nice blue and gold checkered pattern, and it contrasts nicely to the kimono's design as well.

Her ponytails are also a really nice color; fading in and out from translucent to a pale blue color.



One of the few areas that this figure could have maybe improved upon would be the top of the umbrella. A fancy design, similar to her kimono, would have looked amazing on it...but it's just plain red in color.

Of course, there is a reason for this: It's based upon this illustration:


Because this is the case, the lack of a design can be forgiven.


Underneath this umbrella looks much better; with a nice faded blue area and great attention to detail along the handle and shaft. The blue area is almost more like a shadow-esque design element of the drawing moreso than an actual color on the umbrella; but the attention to detail to get the color there is a real plus for the figure's overall design.



Again, in reference to the original illustration, Miku comes with some flowers for the base. These are a few different types of flowers, in different colors, shapes and sizes.

It can be somewhat difficult to translate 2D art into a 3D figure, and these plants show it the most. While not terrible looking; they don't really stand out as looking like plants...but moreso like plastic plants. Some shading and darkening to areas on the plants would have done wonders to the overall look of them.


The same holds true for the back of the flowers and plants as well. Of course the back isn't really meant to be seen, so this side can be forgiven more for it.


But, for all the negative aspects of the plants, they do have one redeeming feature: They aren't made from one piece. For each flower to be made from a different piece, and then put together (as shown on the bottom of the piece) is a really impressive feat! There is also a small hole on the bottom, where it plugs into the base.

As a complete figure:


This figure seems to have a lot of pros and cons, unfortunately...

To start with, the pros are really easy to see! The attention to detail on the kimono is astonishing! So intricate with tons of minute patterns, from the cranes to the flowers to the patterns...all of the details on the kimono are done perfectly! Also the sculpting on the figure is phenomenal; on every aspect of it! Her hair, the flowers, the kimono...everything is sculpted perfectly!

However, probably the biggest con is that it's really hard to tell which way she is supposed to go onto the base. The two metal pegs are the same size, so without the photos on the box, Miku and the flowers could easily be switched. Also, Miku only stands on the base with one foot:


...making it very easy to turn her on the base; which in turn means that she doesn't have a set position on the base. This means that it can be very difficult to align her properly to match the pose from the original illustration; especially when paired with the flowers which can also turn.


Because of this, she can be posed in slightly different ways...which, depending upon your perspective, could be good or bad. But, in terms of matching the original illustration, it's bad.

Alternate views:


Even with the problem of the positioning of the figure and flowers; the figure does look stunning from almost any angle! Even with the umbrella in the way from the back; she looks very majestic, with her long ponytails flowing down in beautiful detail.


Having beautiful appearances from any angle is vital for a figure like this; as the figure could be turned any direction (as mentioned before). That is why I am really impressed with the attention to detail on this figure...they compensated for the figure's positioning with an extraordinary attention to detail!


From this angle the details on Miku's obi can even be seen; with a nice floral pattern on it. It's also easier to see how her umbrella is held; simply slid under her hand and under the ponytail.


It is important to mention one of the figure's other cons: The way she holds the umbrella. While the umbrella does slide in easily; it's not really held tightly at all. It can easily be slid up or down along the groove for it on her; and easily falls against her if the figure is bumped or moved. This could have been easily fixed with a notch around her palm or with a peg-hole system on the umbrella and figure...but it wasn't done, sadly.



The sculpting on this figure is really amazing...but the paint leaves a little to be desired in some areas. Aside from the flowers, the accessories in her hair could have used some shadows to make them more dynamic and life-like. Also her mouth looks a bit odd up close.


Aside from those paint issues; the rest seems to be done perfectly! Even the bird has a nice paint job; with yellow feathers that fade into green and painted black eyes, a beak and feet.



Miku comes with one final hidden accessory: The inner part of the box! This is a pull-out piece of cardboard with the same design on it as from the base.

It has 4 sides to it; with a bottom flap; two sides flaps and a very thin top flap.


When in use; this really completes the figure! Adding a beautiful sakura tree backdrop to her; it really makes the figure come to life! The yellow circle is a bit distracting; but overall the figure does look better with the backdrop than without it.

Size Comparison:


Finally, the size of the figure can be easily seen when put next to Nendoroid Lion Dance Miku: She is about twice as tall as a Nendoroid; with the umbrella adding even more height to her.



Well, the figure wasn't everything I was expecting. Judging from Stronger's Isuzu figure; I thought this one would be perfect. But...it had some flaws.

The biggest flaw for me is the lack of paint apps on the flowers and hair. While it might be arguable that it's 'in the spirit of the illustration'; it certainly takes away from the overall realism and detail of the figure itself. The flowers, especially the roses, look like plastic pieces...not real flowers. Adding some black-wash or shadows to it would have really made this figure even more stunning.

Also the turning of the figure and flowers can be somewhat of a hindrance. Coupled with the umbrella easily falling out of place; a lot more could have been done to make this figure sturdy and stationary...especially considering it's based off of a static illustration.

But, despite all that; the figure has a lot of great aspects as well! The base is easily one of the best bases I've personally ever seen! The quality of the base is astonishing in every aspect! Of course the figure could have been held onto it in a more stationary pose; but that's more of an overall problem than a base-specific problem.

The sculpting is also stellar on this figure! Really perfectly done in every area! Even if the paint doesn't properly highlight the sculpting; the sculpt itself is really great! Better paint apps could have made this figure near perfect. And the background is also a nice additional bonus touch to this figure as well.

Overall I'd say it's recommended, but maybe at a slightly lower price (especially since it's only available on the secondary market now). No play value, only for display.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Please check out my other reviews here: profiles.php?us...
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chachachow (10 months ago) #17182917Excellent review! I'm waiting for TOM to ship mine out any minute now... and am pretty excited to get her, but I have been a little disappointed with user photos lately and I think you pointed out exactly why which I was having a hard time figuring out, myself. I'm ridiculously picky with paint apps, I wish they'd gone for more shading :'< I appreciate your positive criticisms on this figure, as a result!

You're very welcome, chachachow! ^^ I always try to give a fair review on the figure; pointing out both positive and negative aspects of it. As a fellow figure collector; I understand just how much hard-earned money goes into buying these figures, so I would hate for someone else to get screwed over just because I decided to 'be nice' about a figure review. XP

The paint apps on her kimono are perfect; but flowers leave a lot to be desired. I hope the photos were able to show it for you, so you'll know what to expect when you get yours in now. Sorry if yours turns out to be worse than you expected; but I try to take good quality photos for just this purpose: To help out users on here like you. ^^

Thank you again for the feedback, chachachow! ^^ Glad the review was helpful for you!
10 months ago
chachachow je suis gomen
Excellent review! I'm waiting for TOM to ship mine out any minute now... and am pretty excited to get her, but I have been a little disappointed with user photos lately and I think you pointed out exactly why which I was having a hard time figuring out, myself. I'm ridiculously picky with paint apps, I wish they'd gone for more shading :'< I appreciate your positive criticisms on this figure, as a result!
10 months ago
SkyBlue (10 months ago) #17166636Really nice review and pictures! I don't know much about Miku or Vocaloid but this figure is really stunning!!

Thank you, SkyBlue! ^^ Glad you liked the review! I'm not really knowledgeable on all of Miku's designs; but I really liked this one. ^^
10 months ago
Really nice review and pictures! I don't know much about Miku or Vocaloid but this figure is really stunning!!
10 months ago
shiro169 (10 months ago) #17157869Great pictures and very detailed review. I'd say this is one of the more unique Miku's, she really does look elegantly exquisite.

Thank you, shiro169! ^^ I agree completely; this is a really unique and very beautiful design. I love the way she looks; it's really a great figure! Glad you liked the review too! Thanks for the comment! ^^
10 months ago
Great pictures and very detailed review. I'd say this is one of the more unique Miku's, she really does look elegantly exquisite.
10 months ago
Halcione (10 months ago) #17155092Thanks for the review, I'm particularly glad I read about the peg and umbrella issues, I was not aware about those.

You're welcome! ^^ Glad I could help! I always try to make the reviews as helpful as possible for everyone; so I'm glad that it did it's job! ^___^ Thanks again, Halcione!
10 months ago
Thanks for the review, I'm particularly glad I read about the peg and umbrella issues, I was not aware about those.
10 months ago
pylxi (10 months ago) #17154347At the end of the day reviews are opinions, it would be so sad if we only got one. Hope you keep sharing your own personal view. (´。• ω •。`)

Thank you, I appreciate that. I didn't want to step on the other person's opinions or do their review an injustice by doing my own...but that makes sense. It's my own opinion; so posting my own review is just stating how I feel about it; and giving more information for people on here to go by. ^_^ Thanks pylxi!
10 months ago
MetalSamamon (10 months ago) #17153706You're welcome. I did notice that someone else did a review on her already...so I hope I'm not doing anything bad by reviewing this figure as well. ;;^^

At the end of the day reviews are opinions, it would be so sad if we only got one. Hope you keep sharing your own personal view. (´。• ω •。`)
10 months ago
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