iLast Haul of 2016 ~n/a    Readers' selection (2017-01-08)

Hello everyone on MFC (^-^*)/!!!!
Happy late New Year Everyone \(๑•ᴗ•๑)/
I hope everyone has a wonderful year!!
I'm Genz/Chelsea.
This is my first haul/loot post, please bare with me :)

Warning: Very Image & Text Heavy

I've wanted to do a haul post months ago but hesitated.
December is not my biggest haul to date but one of my favorites!
I've spent well over ¥160k but it was all worth it!!
I had 3 bulk orders and other side purchases throughout this month.
*3 bulk orders from AmiAmi + 1 small order from AmiAmi + 1 order from HLJ + 1 from GSC + side purchases from MFC users*

My early December purchases:
I bought Aoba & Ren off a wonderful user here on MFC. They were extremely kind and generous!! I had no idea I'd be getting anything apart from the GIFT plushes we discussed. I cried when opening everything. Aoba was a grail I never thought I'd own. I can't thank them enough!!! The scroll is beautiful. I'm so happy with everything. I immediately put the scroll to hang up in my room.

View spoilerHide spoiler

On that same day, I received an order from Ami Ami. I bought Kagamine Len & Kiyomitsu Kashuu on sale. They were both around 5-6k.


I bought some Touken Ranbu nendoroids off two other users here on MFC. They're all so precious! I feel the need to collect them all now.

My HLJ, GSC + Ami Ami #1 bulk order consisted of:


I took advantage of HLJ's sale and got myself some stuff for Christmas.
I luckily got Nico for only 11k!!!!
She's stunning!!!
I love her so much. I hope to collect all the LL alter girls now :)
My Hlj order also includes Hotarumaru's nendo for ¥3k and some nendoroid more case parts.
I also bought the nendoroid after more parts (1&2) and Rin Matsuoka's Altair 1/8 figure for ¥5k!
*Nendo after parts not pictured*


I preordered Cheerful Miku back in May from GSC as a birthday gift to myself. She was one of my grails and one of my favorite Miku figures. I'm so happy to add her to my collection!


The rest of the items pictured was from AmiAmi.
I bought tons of Yuri!!! on Ice merchandise along with several scales and nendoroids.
One of my favorites out the bunch was the No Game No Life Novel Bundle. Sora's nendoroid is so fun and different. He has so many accessories. His box is smaller than other nendo boxes. It's really space convenient. Shiro looks very cute on the novel cover too!! Her nendo is also too cute for words.

I can not express how much I love Hanairogoromo Miku!!!!
She's so beautiful. I wish I had bought two.
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I also added Kogitsunemaru & Jiji (Mikazuki Munechika)'s scales to my collection. I'm very impressed with them both. The details on Jiji is just WOW. Kogitsunemaru is just as outstanding.

Here's some other additional photos:
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Ami Ami bulk order #2:

*added in Matsuoka Rin in this photo since I forgot to add him in the first one*

I ordered more Yuri!!! on ice trading charms & badge sets.
The diecut magnets are now on my fridge.
They're adorable!
I also got Kagamime Rin on sale on AmiAmi.
She was only ¥7k, so I couldn't pass up the deal.
I received her twin brother earlier in the month.
They look incredible together!


Ami Ami bulk order #3:
My very last order of the year is only Yuri!!! on Ice
merchandise. The Mogyutto cushions are my absolute favorite! They're so soft and comfy. I didn't think they'd come vacuum sealed.
A common theme in my orders this past month is YOI.
I've grown to love this show a lot. I'm working on several ita-bags. The show may no longer be airing but I have hope for a second season.

Thank you so much for sticking around and reading!
I hope you enjoyed my loot/haul post!

Comments (6)

05 months agowolfgenzwolfgenz
Thank you so much :)!!!Rychi (5 months ago) #17379280Amazing loot!!!!
15 months agoRychiRychi
Amazing loot!!!!
15 months agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
wolfgenz (5 months ago) #17362094Thank you so much for your help! I had no idea imgur no longer worked. I managed to fix everything now :)
No problem. Wouldn't want a nice loot post to be interrupted by a bunch of broken links right? Really nice figures you got there! :D
05 months agochachachowchachachow je suis gomen
holy shit, someone has been good this year! Your haul is so incredible I'm almost in tears xD Who was this wonderful MFC user that included your Aoba/Ren + DM surprise extras with the plushies?? That person is a god???? How????

Fantastic YoI merch, too! Great minds think alike ^^ If I had the extra money I would've gone for Tony's Rin/Len, myself, but it won't happen for a while orz Got Nico on the HLJ sale, though! Congratulations on everything you got last month~
05 months agowolfgenzwolfgenz
Thank you so much for your help! I had no idea imgur no longer worked. I managed to fix everything now :)SkyBlue (5 months ago) #17358820Nice loot but imgur images don't work anymore here in MFC (mfc link)
15 months agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
Nice loot but imgur images don't work anymore here in MFC (mfc link)



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