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hello everyone!

i ordered item #499912 from amiami and it shipped out on december 2nd. luckily, i chose registered sal, so i at least know somewhat where the package is. the problem is, though, is that it's still in tokyo, and has been since december 6th. what do i do? did it maybe get lost somewhere? is there some way i can contact the japanese postal service? amiami says rsal can take 3-5 weeks to arrive, but it's been over 6 weeks and it't still not here yet!! anyone have any advice??

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25 months agoGustavKlimtGustavKlimt
I suspect this holiday season was extremely busy, as i had two figures i paid RSAL for in Nov and got them less then four days ago. I knew it would take a while - and usually the holiday season adds on an extra week or two. I didnt bother checking the tracking - as i dont like worrying and will give it up to 2 months at holiday time. I've waited about three months for books and other stuff from some sellers in the past (i ordered books and they went through the sea route for cheapest - took a long time) - and have only had one item lost in transit from an American seller (which was due to them and not the post office).

It isnt the same for everyone, things do get damaged and lost. I also had the whole stuck in tokyo thing last year, and it was just that they stopped updating till it hit american shores. If you worry a lot, use EMS during the holiday season (Nov and Dec).
05 months ago234h432234h432
I actually had problems with just the tracking number. The tracking number showed that it has departed Japan but never updated since then.

Then one day my package somehow showed up at my door a few weeks later. Tracking info still says its left Japan and nothing afterwards. Maybe there is a glitch in the system somewhere.

Don't forget about the time it was shipped out (holiday seasons) so it may take a week or 2 more.
15 months agosecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
I wouldn't be surprised if your shipment has been sitting in NY or NJ for a while already. It had happened to me as well during this period (late November - Early January). I would recommend tracking your RSAL through USPS, since sometimes you'll see details there while Japan Post system shows nothing.
05 months agomokky86mokky86
I understand your pain because I'm having a similar issue. I had 3 orders with Registered SAL in November shipped separately (2 on the 15th, 1 on the 27th) two have both arrived, The one shipped on 15th it's stuck at dispatched from outward office of exchange TOKYO INT since 18/11 and I'm really concerned that it could be lost
05 months agoSorafiredemonSorafiredemon
I have a couple orders from Mandarake that I ordered around that time, that are in the exact same situation with the tracking still showing them being in japan... I'm only nervous at this point because I recieved an order today that I made about 2 weeks after, yet I'm still waiting on those other ones.
I'm sure everything will arrive eventually, we just need to be patient :)
15 months agoSageGuySageGuy
A friend of mine ordered something from ami in mid nov using rsal and it just arrived today. So I think it's just the holiday delays.
05 months agoFigyourEdFigyourEd
I also ordered from AmiAmi with Registered SAL back in December but I didn't get a tracking number but my order status shows as [shipped].

I always got a tracking number with EMS. How did you get yours with Registered SAL? E-mail only or was it also on your Order Info page on your AmiAmi account?
05 months agoskylinedoskylinedo 's point missed?read 2x
Yep yep, ever since EMS prices went up my SAL packages have been slower than usual to arrive. ESP at this time of year, the shipping services seem to not even have enough official trucks to deliver everything. IE: the ups/fedex guys in my areas are delivering in rental vans bc the backlog of items is still there past the holidays ... EVEN on the Japan side!
05 months agoheroizumiheroizumi
I'm having a semi-similar issue. I had two orders get filled at the end of December (a calendar and a box of keychains for a split). I had them shipped separately and the calendar was marked as sent on the 24th of December. It's still in limbo in Japan. The box of keychains? Shipped on the 27th of December, already in New York, on it's way to me in Ohio.

It's most likely some wild form of delays from the holidays.
05 months agoStalgonoffStalgonoff
What exactly does the tracker say as the most recent event? AmiAmi prioritizes EMS/DHL during busy periods (like the holidays) so depending what it says, it could have not made it to post office yet. If it says it's at outward office of exchange or similar it's still hasn't left yet. SAL charters extra space on commercial plains, so you could just be really unlucky. If it's stuck at dispatched from outward office of exchange, verify that your country even updates RSAL after it leaves Japan (Canada does not officially, but you can exploit their system to track it yourself).

That being said, I shipped 4 packages between November 11 and Dec 25th. The 2 in November still haven't arrived, but the 2 in December have both arrived. The one I ordered on Christmas arrived 1 week later and the one ordered on the 11th arrived on Jan 3 (being delivered backwards...)

Still waiting on the last 2, but I'm just giving it time. Once they hit 2 months I'll contact the post office again and start looking into it.

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