i"Eh?! There's 2?!" A Choro Dakimakura Experiencen/a

05 months agoPomeloPomelo
Fellow Choromatsu girl here, I think it's a great purchase! If I knew of the sale I totally would've gone for it too lol.
05 months agortoprtop
Hey dude, no shame, for 2000 jpy I do not blame you in the least. When I saw that sale I bought a second one and Kara and Ichi because 3000 jpy damnit damn it all
Whenever you may finally release him from his plastic/cloth prison, enjoy!! lmao
05 months agorubyserpent_720rubyserpent_720
Congrats on your daki woudldn't it be amazing if you can poke him and Kamiya's voice comes out?
05 months agowewewewe
if those vids had ended with a zoom towards his nip/s, I would've choked to death (whilst lmao). #CrisisAverted

And welcome to the daki owners club!
05 months agokawoshin334kawoshin334
omg youre so lucky to have grabbed it in time, now the sale is gone ;__; and the kara is sold out......... rip
nice videos xD