iWinter WonFes 2017 and Tokyon/a

Hey all!!

I'm heading to Tokyo on the 6th of February until the 20th of February, and will be going to Wonfes as well! I'm from Tasmania, Australia so it's going to be the biggest event I've been to, haha.

Obviously there hasn't been any announcements yet for what'll be sold there by the major companies (except maybe Snow Miku?) but I was wondering if anyone knew of any circles or individual sculptors that have already showed some of what they'll be selling?
Also, I'll be around Tokyo for the rest of my trip, so is there anything I definitely shouldn't miss? I have a lot planned but it's easy to miss a thing or two.

Thanks all! :D
(p.s anyone else heading to Wonfes? I might see some of you ^_^ )

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06 months agoheilo88heilo88
Sorry about the hijack, but I got question.
Thinking of going myself, though never been to such an event before.
1) It says the event starts at 10:00, but do you have to wait a lot earlier to get in at a decent hour?
2) Can tickets be sold out if you don't line up early enough?

06 months agoGabmag10Gabmag10 Bishie Collector
Thanks everyone! It sounds like quite a few people are going so I hope to spot some of you ^_^
06 months agoYukariShinoharaYukariShinohara
Kuromii (6 months ago) #17469143When is it?
Where is it held?
How do you get tickets?

19th Feb'.
Makuhari Messe is the venue.
You can line up and get tickets/brochure on the day (at the cost of 2500 Yen) or you can pick up the brochure for entry beforehand. I think they've been sold at places like animate and Gamerz in the past.
16 months agoYukariShinoharaYukariShinohara
I'll be going to WonFes! So may see you there :)
06 months agoKuromiiKuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
When is it?
Where is it held?
How do you get tickets?
06 months ago234h432234h432
Going to be attending with a few of my friends =D
06 months agoomgusosillyomgusosilly
I would check out teamlab [ext link ] if you've never been to their installations! (Trying to think outside the box) I also really enjoyed the hedgehog cafe when I went last month. Actually, all the animal cafes are fun but watch out for the pricier ones! There's some luxury cat cafes in Harajuku. Also, a few game centers have virtual reality games now so I'd look up the various VR zones. universal Studios is also adding two temporary anime attractions (attack on titan and evangelion) that are only from January until June. I think that might be worth a trip to Osaka if you can. Have a fun trip!

[ext link ]
76 months agomimicteixeiramimicteixeira
i hope max factory show some little wicth academia figmas, i would buy them all
16 months agoneyney
For the Wonder Festival annoucement : [ext link ]
For Tokyo itself, there is already a bunch of articles so try to make a search.
36 months agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Tags are great for photos and items - we also have a WF2017W classification ready so you can keep track of new kits if that's what you're into: encyclopedia #110621 This is updated pretty regularly since most sculptors like to track their progress and make announcements before WF. I hope you have a great trip!

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