iHow many figures a year do you get?n/a

How many figures a year do you get?

  • 24.65%
  • 36.74%
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07 days ago (7 days ago)AimaileafyAimaileafy
My answer was 100+, but only if ALL kinds of figures does count, not only scales. Im at the start of my collection and there are so many I want! I guess I will slow down later to 20 or 10... But I don't own many scales and I dont have many in mind since there are not many scales of my favourite shows nor characters... so these 100 are mostly price-figures and chibi figures! And since a set of Sailor Moon Petit Charas mostly contain 4-6 figures...
09 days agoMoeAddictMoeAddict
I would say my rate of buying is slowing down as I tend to buy figures of particular shows and even then I am picky. I did splurge a lot this past Holiday season as I was in Japan as it was easier to buy them, package them up and mail back all at once then buy individually from differnt stores online.
09 days agoinfinity_harukainfinity_haruka
not sure, since i'm just college student can't say how much i can get a year, probably around 3-4 figure
09 days ago (9 days ago)WorstluckWorstluck
I care about how much I spend for figure in a year more than the actual number of figures I buy. Currently I am still holding the line of 500 USD a year.
09 days agochachamarurinchachamarurin
I'd rather not count hahahaha
(lies down
09 days agocgcheokcgcheok
started figure collecting in 2016 ,got like almost 150++ ,i need to control myself lol
010 days agoIshokuOseroIshokuOsero Idol in training <3
KyokiPon (10 days ago) #18297526I admire you for being able to sell your figures.. I for one get attached to
everything I own OTL so is so heart breaking for me to even think about
having to sell them.

Oh trust me I had a long time where I wouldn't have even thought to sell anything, but once I got over five hundred and didn't have room for everything even stacking figures on the bases of other figures and stuff like that I had to do something. And it was hard at first, but got easier over time to part with things. I'd like to think I'm in a good place now haha.
010 days agoKirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
5 - 10
310 days agoriringoriringo
Where's the 5-10 range?
110 days agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
snufkin (10 days ago) #18298385Like... One... I don't have an income.
Lmao same.

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