iYour Favourite Alter Love Live Figuren/a

Just curious about everyone's favourite in this line!

Mind sharing your opinion with me about who is your favourite and what so great about your choice?

LOL, also giving myself reason to collect them all.

Your Favourite:

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  • 19.02%
  • 17.39%
  • 21.74%
  • 21.2%
  • Hanayo;
  • 2.17%
  • 1.09%
  • 7.61%

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011 days agoJPM3JPM3
It's Eli...always and forever
01 month agoskmmskmm
xFaTex (2 months ago) #19787061Had to be either Eli, Maki, or Nozomi for me

I second this, would've chosen Umi too but that pose is a bit OOC for her... still getting her though! lol
12 months agosailormatlacsailormatlac
It's easier to tell the one I like the less: Rin which I feel has a very simplistic uniform that doesn't fit the extravagance of the other girls.

However, I'll got with Kotori, she's the reason why I jumped in the bandwagon!
02 months agoAlohaDayonAlohaDayon
hu! hard question ... but i have preference for kotori and honoka...and nozomi....and umi...and nico... and eli.. they are all so beautiful,their clothes are really pretty and have many détails!
however,i'm taken with kotori (her outfit !) and honoka (her face is the best)
02 months agoReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
My personal favourites are Eli, Nozomi, Nico, and Kotori. The rin one is adorable as well. The other ones aren't very eyecatching imo
02 months agomukyuumukyuu
Nozo and Eli, not biased at all.
22 months agokatsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
I like Maki the best because Maki is best girl and I am totally not biased at all. But seriously though, those stockings, the black outfit, and that coy but inviting smile? Just mess me up, Maki.
02 months agopradshaw89pradshaw89
12 months agoxFaTexxFaTex
Had to be either Eli, Makie, or Nozomi for me
02 months agoPlatoGPlatoG
Jasurim (2 months ago) #19754886Purely on aesthetics?
Nozomi wins hands down for me. I love her pose, her outfit, little details and colours. I don't own it as I wasn't a huge fan of the series and she was one of my least favourite characters, but she is gorgeous and I was sososo tempted. Maki is also nice, but her veil...I don't like how...?plastic? it looks, so that turned me off that one.

You correctly describe how I feel about nozomi! I am not a love live fan but the 2016 best figure tournament has lead me to order her ( so many people voted for her, how bad can it be thought)
I have to admit she really caught all my attention while I received both nico and her together, her headband, clothes and wristband are all embroidered with intricate design which really " wow" me.

Just that Eli is really at another level (the 2k Yen extra doesn't mean nothing, the most complicated design and come with even a mice stand ), so I personally have higher expectation on eli
monkry (2 months ago) #19755842Personally, the first one I saw on this line was Nozomi and Kotori, and it made me thought "OMG thank God I'm not a Love Live fan, this line would be so beautiful and I definitely would want all of them!". Then the rest came out and it's a mixed feelings... Take note: I ain't a fan of Love Live and below is PURELY subjective opinion about this line of this 9 figs.
Those that I feel "lackluster" (in this line) or "hmm": Honoka, Hanayo, Umi, Rin
Dunno why attracted me so much: Nico
Really cute!: Nozomi, Kotori
I'm confused which one to choose as my favorite!: Eli, Maki
But if I have to choose, maybe Eli :>
I love that long and big ribbon that looks like a dress!
Lol I also have her nendoroids, just because I want the long blonde hair :'

We have similar taste !
Except I will switch maki with nozomi.lol

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