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Seeing that one figure announced, the unveiling of the uncolored and painted prototype, securing your pre-order, and the period of time between pre-ordering a figure and its actual release date several months later seems endless, but when said figure finally shows up on your doorstep and you have it sitting on your shelf it all seems worth the wait!

This standard process usually takes several months to a little over a year, but what happens when the wait for a figure extends far beyond that?


I know many of you had anxiously awaited item #98667 for ages after it was announced nearly 5 years ago, but at least now you can take a deep breath and relax since she's perched safely on your shelf!


What I want to know is, what other figures like the one above have had the longest delay between pre-order and release?

What's the longest you ever waited for a figure after pre-ordering it?

  • 14.02%
    1-6 months
  • 40.85%
    6-12 months
  • 33.54%
    1-2 years
  • 11.59%
    2+ years

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02 months agoDystaniaDystania
I can't forget about my baby Nagisa although it doesn't look very promising, just one picture which looked very washed out and her socks were blank. item #182887
02 months agoVodkanrollVodkanroll
RockGodItachi (2 months ago) #20020803I've lost all hype for this Satellizer item #339430 as she was supposed to be released ages ago! She has been put back 3 times and now she is supposed to be coming out in June! That's a whole year after her pre-orders went up! I have no idea what Orca are doing but it seems like they've forgotten the figures they've promised us and instead are concentrating on newer ones for release!

I suppose that this happens because the manga is in hiatus since last year... Apparently Lim-Dall have health problems.
The manga and it's merchandising need to support each other.
02 months agoEllieeElliee
That honour would go to item #427732 - which I'm still waiting for. If she actually releases this time, I'll be a year since I pre-ordered. If she delays again ... ho boy.
12 months agoJohnDorianJohnDorian
Personal experience, definitely Amane Suzuha from Alter.
item #117949
02 months agoconfuzedanimefanconfuzedanimefan
CannedMuffins (2 months ago) #20063328Definitely not as long as some folks been waiting but longest wait for me. item #460526
Just waiting for Kotobukiya to create a Bishounen/Ikemen series was way too long.
02 months agoEXkuroganeEXkurogane
My personal experience with an order was 6 months.

But i do remember seeing a figure which i didnt order that was delayed for like a year, Good Smile's Mikasa Ackerman. As for whether there are any that was delayed even longer than that, maybe there are but im not aware of it.
02 months ago (2 months ago)minami_desuminami_desu
Oh, I can add item #61454 here since it's been 6 years since she was announced, and she is not released yet. Even after being available for pre-ordering she was delayed from December 2016 to April 2017 =\ hope there will be no other delay
02 months agoDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
shinhawk (2 months ago) #20066970Holy crap, I remember the delays on that one. Even for Alter, that was ridiculous.If I recall she went up for pre-orders around September. Then was delayed for a year and released on November of that next year.
12 months agoshinhawkshinhawk
DonkeyBlonkey (2 months ago) #20044896From my experience upon Pre-Ordering, this figure had the most delays: item #117949Holy crap, I remember the delays on that one. Even for Alter, that was ridiculous.
12 months ago (2 months ago)MayoiMayoi
I'm in the Kiss-shot clan too. The day when (mfc link) popped as a Wonfes teasing was one of my/our beautiful moments ever as a figure collector. Everyone was so excited that her prototype figure was put in the front page when the old and less flexible system was still here.

I never had "huge" waits between pre-orders and shipping. Kiss-shot still holds the first place with a 3 months delay and overall almost one year of waiting since the pre order. There is item #396840 too who I pre ordered 8 months ago and will be released in 3 months. MAYBE.

Beside that my longest wait for a figure who still isn't in pre-orders is item #236362. Announced two years ago, color proto finally the last Wonfes. Now with Owarimonogatari's part 3 adaptation she should be quickly in pre orders but gosh. That's was a long wait for such a small thing.

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