Collection keeps growing!?!?

Over two years ago I started this journey into figure collection, being a big fan of the Senran Kagura games. I found the need to get some figures to grow my fandom. Buying a CD unit with space at the top to display figures my first mission within the world of figure collecting. Took me 3 months to have my first display finished with 5 scale figures and 5 mini figures.

After that it didn't stop, I ended up covering the top of two record display units with prize figures. But not being happy with the end results. I ended up selling most of my prize figures and only buying mostly scale figures apart from the odd prize figure now.

Onto the 3rd mission a trip to IKEA which I ended up with two DETOLF display cases. Two goals came to mind making a Sword Art Online display and a Fate display. I finished my Fate display in December last year, my SAO display will be finished once Gekijouban Sword Art Online : -Ordinal Scale- Sinon - FuRyu comes out in May.

But it didn't stop I made the goal of collecting and only having 50 figures. A month or so ago I ended up making my second trip to IKEA and getting a 3rd DETOLF display unit. It's turned into my misc figure case with figures from all different Anime's.

I soon went over the goal of 50 figures, now owning 81 with 4 on order. I think I have just enough room to display these 4 figures and have the places planned for them. Once I have reached this goal I plan on taking pictures and saying 100% mission complete I have made my figure collection complete and 100% happy with what I have achieved. Or will I just end up pre-ordering more changing up my displays and just keep going? My end goal will be 84 figures, I plan on selling 1 so won't be 85 in total. Be Anime figures from 24 different shows, 1 SAO display, 1 Fate display, 1 Misc display & finally some figures scattered around my room. Some might ask why do I need this end goal, without goals I don't feel I'd enjoy this hobby as much. As I need a end point as I've run out of room and adding another 4 figures to my collected is pushing it.

Do you guys have goals? A end goal? What missions do you have for figure collection? Do you just plan on collecting forever? Did you make a plan when you started collecting? Do you have a number in mind like I did?
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    I never have an end goal to anything I collect. I keep track of the # of Pop Funko's I own but that's just out of curiosity. I'd be sad if one of my collections came to an end by having everything or it being discontinued. I'll keep this hobby till I die.
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    I primarily collect 1/4 figures. Im in a situation where space is filling up too fast and I may have to think about where I live to accompdate them all or just stop buying :(
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    Once start,never give up:)
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    turnmebackwards (3 months ago) #20028083That is amazing, so just you collect or your husband as well? I think if I shared the hobby or joined my collection together with someone I might keep going & never stop and if more accepted in other places in the house rather then one room, but then again it's expensive & space is a big issue due to one room for display.

    Just me, though if you see anything Minnie Mouse, that's his. He kinda collects Minnie Mouse stuff.

    Collection started off in the study, but snuck out into other rooms slowly, and there were no objections (and in some cases, encouragement with new shelves n' stuff :P), so now it's in most rooms of the house lol. Bathroom and kitchen are the exceptions.
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    I don't really have a goal, be it clear or vague.

    When I started buying figures, it was (and still is) mainly to pay tribute to characters I like. I have figs that I want (or would like) to have that can be considered "goals", though it's not set in stone. Who knows, maybe I'll like new characters from new series in the future, so that will add new entries into my wishlist...

    Concerning number of figs, I don't know. I guess that since I favor quality over quantity, not that much. I honestly think it'd be neat to reach 20 figures. Then again, I don't really have a plan. Same goes for eventually quitting or reaching an hypothetical end.
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    Hmm, I really don't know at this point...it's taken me almost 7 years to collect 40 nendoroids, make a Higurashi "shrine" and purchase a few scales here and there and that's it.

    There haven't been any series besides Higurashi that I've been completely obsessed with so without dedicated shrines and pretty scales to display I guess I'll just keep riding the nendo train until I feel like they're in overpopulated prisons and must be freed! (sold) :p
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    As long as they make more figures, especially of the characters we love...

    ...will there really be an "end" goal? ;_;
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    My goal, win the lottery, buy a building for me and my figures, and collect to my heart's content. Not likely going to happen, but I can always hope. In the meantime, I make do with what I can.
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    turnmebackwards (3 months ago) #20035203I have a DVD / Blu-ray / part of my gaming collection stored under my bed, space is 100% a issue. If I only collected Anime figures I'd be fine but having many collections it's not easy to balance. Could always sleep on top of Anime figure boxes YAY!

    I have about half my doujinshi collection stashed under my bed right now, lol. And I've got more that will be coming in the mail soon...
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    I just want to get the last of my grails and I'll feel super satisfied with my collection. :)
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