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I am a backer of the £100 collector's edition teir on Sekai Projects IndieGoGo campaign for KaraKara

With the goods finally being shipped i kept checking my tracking only to discover my parcel has reached my local depo and has been sat there not moving for 2 weeks. After speaking to Royal Mail (UK) they informed me that my parcel was indeed lost/delayed and that I should inform Sekai to make a claim.

A few hours later Sekai responds and informs me that they tried to make a claim but were unable to do as "it must be originated in England". and asked me to go to my local depo to report the item as being lost.
Now usually sellers have to make the claim, and I still tried but obviously the response from royal mail was that the seller has to make the claim from the country of dispatch.

I feel like this issue is going round in circles and could someone inform me of the correct proceedure as to who should make the claim? Should Sekai report it to U.S postal service (i think thats who they shipped it with) and just state it was lost at the final delivery point?

thanks for the help! I'm usually a bit more knowledgable on this subject, but when it finally happens to you and both sides just say the other should do it, I don't know what to do.

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The sender (seller) should be the one to make a claim to the postal/courier service used to send the package. I think what Sekai did is file a claim on Royal Mail but it should be filed/reported to the service they used which is USPS. Then USPS will be one to coordinate with Royal Mail, etc. Assuming that the package is insured, then you get something especially if the item is lost.



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