Big and Small: What are the largest figures in your collection?

TyjosAzari5 months agoAsk MFC
Smaller figures are better for my collection.

I have noticed that I am happier with smaller scaled figures, prize figures,Figma,HG Sized Model Kits, and Gundam action figures and I am starting to dislike the larger scaled figures and items due to the fact they take up so much space and are harder to deal with.

One thing I like about smaller figures is that they cost less than the larger scaled figures and they are easier to display and I'm not worried about breaking them when I'm dusting or cleaning them.

Smaller figures are easier to pack away and that's why a lot of what I have in my collection right now survived since the Model kits were packed away and the old Xenosaga Gashapon figures survived since they were packed into the Nandemo Haro box ITEM #43039 along with the Voltron figures and a few other Gashapons and I almost forgot about them till I was moving the Haro box around and remembered there were figures in that box.

The largest figures in this collection are ITEM #75578 and ITEM #331521

Almost forgot about this Signum,she's a large figure too ITEM #144308

ITEM #44543 takes up an entire shelf

ITEM #49498 and ITEM #48418 connect together and it takes up a large amount of space in the combined fighter mode on the top part of my desk.

There are two other large figures in the collection, right now the Voltron lions in this set are combined into the Voltron form and take up a bit of space and it's sitting on the floor so at least it can be displayed in the combined form a lot easier than the individual lions.

ITEM #94914
ITEM #94907
ITEM #94916
ITEM #94915
ITEM #94917

ITEM #128683 Fortress Maximus is the same size as Voltron and it's sitting on the floor next to Voltron and can be moved around fairly easy.

ITEM #145423 is a fairly large figure but can be transformed and It's currently displayed in it's Transformed configuration next to the GP-01 FB figure that's under the GP-03 on my bookshelf after that area was reorganized.

Currently the smallest item in my collection is ITEM #9140 and Alto is very small compared to the size of the other figures in the collection.

Rei is pretty small too for her scale size ITEM #1011 she's small compared to the other scaled figures.

ITEM #478987 Mirage is small and she doesn't take up a lot of space and that's part of the reason why I want to get some more Figuarts since they are small.

ITEM #70452 ITEM #66210 ITEM #46596 are the smallest models in the model collection.

What are the biggest figures in your collection right now?

Who's figure is the smallest in your collection?
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ITEM #99355 is my largest. ITEM #444034 is a close second though, she's almost the same height even though she's a smaller scale.

Smallest would have to be a trading figure or something.
5 months ago
Largest figures? The largest that MFC covers would be my Dollfie Dreams. I'll just say Cynthia is biggest. She's ITEM #130917 on a DD3Dy body.

Smallest figure would be ITEM #65940
5 months ago
R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
The biggest figure in my collection is ITEM #2092. I love him <3

As for the smallest, that would probably be either ITEM #178391 or ITEM #263508.
5 months ago
My biggest is the 1/4 Cap by Iron Studios who is towering over the rest of my collection ... Even the 1/6 HT look small next to it. XD He's huge and awesome.



The smallest are the Kurobas one-coin figures. Wait. No actually the smallest is tiny Ant-Man.

5 months ago
mirberry 絶対可憐
Shaerileth (5 months ago) #20507805He's even more adorable in person!
I only have a pic of the golden one, which isn't as adorable in my opinion, but it's all I have to share at 3am, lol

View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Shaerileth1493449618.jpeg

He's still really cute! For a vengeful spirit!!
5 months ago
The biggest figure in my collection is ITEM #235830.
My smallest is probably ITEM #300615. (I bought this one specifically because I love that scene in the Manga. It's too cool. xD)

I usually prefer bigger figures. I would buy more 1/6 scales but I'm lucky if my favorite characters get at least a 1/8 scale. Apart from the fact that they do take up a lot of space I think they look better and it's easier to display big figures. It's also nice when the sculpt gets more detailed because of a bigger scale. For example the most important thing on a figure for me is the face and my two 1/6 scales ITEM #235830 and ITEM #165927 have their eyes not just printed on the face but their eyeballs are actually sculpted. It's a really small detail but I'm still in love with it and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.
(Even though I feel 1/4 and bigger would be too big for me.)

I actually think it's pretty hard to display small figures nicely. They look very weird next to my 1/8 scales and if you have only small figures but a lot of them I think it looks cluttered and crammed really fast. It's one of the reasons why I don't like Nendos that much.
5 months ago
All my figures are the usual 1/6-1/8 territory, but after visiting Kinokuniya downtown and seeing a bunch of 1/4ish large figures I really want to have at least a couple bigger ones.

I'm going to try next pay check to order ITEM #235960 because I missed out when she first came out and have kicked myself for it since. Im gonna put a dedicated shelf up near my bed just for her :3
5 months ago
My tallest figure is this fantastic Sailor Moon ITEM #9356. But the focus of my collection are dolls, so I'd mention this kitty, too ITEM #135211 !
Not sure which is the smallest tho. Chiyo-chan maybe ITEM #16420?
5 months ago
Largest: ITEM #98665 Her hair and wings take up so much space.
Smallest: ITEM #331566 Got her in a loot crate as a birthday present.
5 months ago
My biggest is the Jumbo Hatsune Miku Nendoroid ITEM #117982 and my smallest is the Pocket Pop Miku ITEM #534174
I took a pic of em together for a sense of scale, Jumbo is a foot tall, Pocket is only 1.5 inches.
5 months ago
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