iQueen's Blade - Reina - Swimsuit Ver. (Banpresto)7.33/10

So a new Queen's Blade line (well, at least a line of prize figures) has kicked off and, once again, we've got Reina coming in as the first entry. I wasn't completely sure if I was going to start picking these figures up or not, as swimsuit figures usually aren't my favorites and I've already got quite a few QB figures in my collection (with more than a couple on my Want List, as well!). But in the end the great-looking Melona (3rd release in the line) won me over, so I decided to start at the beginning.

Reina is one of those characters that I liked a lot in the show, but her figures usually just don't do a lot for me. There are definitely some nice ones out there, but when you put her up against some of the other QB characters I just can't get that excited about her. That said, this is a very well done Reina figure (particularly for a prize item). The sculpt is actually great, looking better than regular-price figures from some other companies, and they have done an excellent job with her body lines. Everything is proportionate, the legs have a great feel to them, and the posing is natural and well executed. They even did a good job sculpting her hands and feet, which is always appreciated. I really liked how they sculpted her with one leg slightly raised, which gives a touch of movement and fluidity to the figure.

Probably the best part of the sculpt is the face, which really shines on this figure (since there aren't a whole lot of other areas with much detail). The proportions work well, and even though the paint application is minimal it works very well (nice job on the eyes, too). The only thing that I didn't like was the decision to put the copyright info on the top-back of her head. Its not very noticeable, but it's still a bit distracting. Maybe it's just me, but I would have liked to see this figure without Reina's trademark shorter hair but with the longer hair she had at the beginning of the series. An option head would have been great!

The rest of the body is well done, and seam lines are surprisingly well-covered. This is a BIG leap up from some of Banpresto's older pieces and is really encouraging to see in a prize figure. You can see a bit of seam where they assembled the figure (around the one leg and her arms), but even that is covered very well.

Painting is also very competent. I say competent because it does what it sets out to do well, with some shading on her suit and body and very nice details on her face, but doesn't really "pop" at any one area. Again, its a prize figure, so what do you want? For what it is, it's very well done.

The base is a giant black plastic disc. Is clear ABS really that expensive? I could go on about how its a bit distracting and not very attractive, but that would be a bit like arguing that the Queen's Blade anime isn't very intellectually stimulating. It is what it is, and it does a good job of what it sets out to do (keep the figure from falling over). I still dream of the day where we will have clear bases for Banpresto figures, though.

The Packaging is also a step up from some other releases. The inside is very minimal, but still keeps the figure protected (just a bit of cardboard and some bags). The outside, however, actually features pretty decent graphics. Banpresto's packages seem to be picking up a bit lately, and that is certainly not unwelcome. I also like the cardboard box approach better than cards and blisters since they're much easier to store.

Overall, I was surprised with how well this figure came out. Of course you're not getting something on the level of one of the Megahouse releases, but it also doesn't look bad displayed next to some of the more expensive figures in the series. One bummer about some prize figures is that the cheaper-looking ones tend to make everything around them look cheap by default, so this is definitely a step in the right direction.

I'd recommend this figure to hardcore Queen's Blade or Reina fans and definitely to prize figure collectors. I wouldn't pay a huge amount of money for her, but if you can find a good deal she's definitely a worthy addition to a QB collection.

Tomoe looks to follow very closely in Reina's pattern (plain white one-piece swimsuit), but Melona and then Menace look to be big, big improvements on all fronts. Is it too much to dream of an Airi figure in this series at some point? I hope not, because I would love to see one!

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07 years agoZetsubo-sanZetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do...
Thanks for the review. J
Now I want this figure. I just wish Banpresto figures would reach our country…which I doubt. T_T *cries over Lust and Winry*

But still a great QB figure nonetheless. :D

As for the boring ABS disc, I think you can put these ladies in a beach diorama. :3
07 years agoBIPSYBIPSY
Haha, I also have Ikea shelves (can't remember exactly what the name is), and I could have gone with glass bottoms or black glass bottoms. I went with the regular glass, so clear bases are always welcome! The black glass would have been cool, but I figured it would block the light and make all the shelves darker.

An Echidna swimsuit figure would be GREAT!!!
07 years agoMindsplinterMindsplinter
Good review. Looking forward to getting mine(shipping out from HLJ right now. ^^)

I'll throw a third in for clear bases too. I use clear shelves for all my figures and the black bases tend to break things up.

I have Tomoe and Melona ordered also and will be ordering Menace when she's available =D.
07 years agoAshlotteAshlotte Full-time Reviewer
I shoulda known there'd be QB swimsuit figures at some point.

Glad to see Ban doing a decent job...I second that comment about clear plastic being expensive...Really wish more figures had clear bases. T_T
07 years agoVambee-LacuerVambee-Lacuer
Nice review. I didn't even know she was out yet.

I agree with Reina not doing much for ya. She is pretty normal considering the rest of the cast.

I am glad to hear that Banpresto's figures are getting better. I ordered their Lust figure a few months ago and was surprised at how good it was, considering the price. I ordered the swimsuit figures with that in mind.

It is a shame about the base though, luckily the black fits in well on my equally black Expedit bookcase.

Airi and Echidna would be greatly appreciated, Banpresto!



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