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01 day agoRajkeRajke
For bases i use a split 10 point system. A base that doesn't function properly can't get a good grade with it.

The first 5 points are calculated like this:
0= Not usable (or a base is not included).
1= Only usable with heavy modifications. It is better to make something yourself.
2= Terrible, some modifications are required.
3= Usable but there is a big risk that you cause some damage by assembling it.
4= Usable but doesn't feel solid.
5= It does what it has to do, no complains.

The second 5 points are calculated like this:
0= No fantasy, plain and too boring to look at. Use this one if the score of the first part is 4 or lower.
1= No fantasy, plain and too boring to look at. Use this one if the score of the first part is 5.
2= A base with some details or decals.
2= A very nice base with some sculpted details. Use this only if the base scores 3 points or less in the first part.
3= A very nice base with some sculpted details. Use this only if the base scores 4 points or more in the first part.
4= A beautyfull base with a lot of details. It is not perfect but they definately did their best to make something nice out of it. Only use this if the score of the first part was 4 or 5 points.
2= A beautyfull base with a lot of details. It is not perfect but they definately did their best to make something nice out of it. Only use this if the score of the first part was 3 points or less.
5= A diorama like base with everything you can think of. The base has to be perfect in looks and in usability to use the 5 points.
02 days agoPeanutButterPeanutButter
I'm mildly curious as to what rating item #473919 would have.

The base is the figure there in a way.
02 days agoCicielyCiciely
I never thought much of bases till I joined this site.
02 days agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Hakumu (2 days ago) #21333970Depends on a figure, and actually like bases with distinguishable forms most of all.
BUT Diorams - is the best decision)

I totally agree with this but dioramas take a lot of space just ask one of out resident experts. Still, If I had the time the know-how and the imagination I would make a few.

But aas I am not that sort of person.

= )

02 days agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Very interesting comments. I am seeing why people give bases such a high score in the reviews. Thank you all that have voted and many thanks to those that have posted their views on how they rate the bases.

= )

02 days agoHakumuHakumu
Depends on a figure, and actually like bases with distinguishable forms most of all.
BUT Diorams - is the best decision)
02 days agoGandalfGandalf
I rate bases based on how they compliment the figure. A plain base is probably going to be a 5 - Average or a 6 - Above Average assuming it doesn't have some horrible colour that detracts from the figure. Patterned bases might make it up to a 7 - Good and I'd rate item #287683 base as an 8 - Very Good. It gives off a classy vibe that matches the figure, plus it has some depth to it with the gloss black edge rather than the usual thin bases.

The more elaborate bases depend heavily on how they suit the figure and its pose and it's important that they have a similar quality to the figure itself.
02 days agominami_desuminami_desu
That's an interesting blogpost you did here. I always thought that I'm a fan of elaborate bases like item #42056 or item #190699 but after reading this and looking at the examples you offered I realised that I actually don't mind an absolute white plain base. The main thing that I pay attention to is a figure itself. I used to complain about plain bases, I even remember talking shit abt item #117967 's white base that "it's too simple, GSC did horrible job, they could've add a "yolk" to this huge white base to look more appealing", sigh.
Of course I don't like unnecessarly big bases that almost all prize figures have like item #173748 item #314657 item #400935 and I rate them 1/10 plus plan to make something custom-made for them. But I don't mind something like their item #542 item #13744 plain bases, and I don't really know how to rate them.
So yeah, the main issue that bothers me in bases the most is their size, that sometimes is essential for supporting (item #98665 item #113211 item #42349) and sometimes is absolutely not, like prize figures I've mentioned before.
I can only name bases I love the most from that I own - item #98667 even if it's huge, the base is the most attractive part for me, item #78406 , item #296218 item #283513 item #190699 item #143930 (cute velvet chair *-*) - 10/10. I don't really know what represents a base here item #287723 - her donation box or unnecessarry big white base that is (thank god) can be removed. I love the donation box and if it's the base, that it is also my fav one, and if the base is the white one - hell no, an example of a bad one.
And my favorite one is item #191720 11/10!
02 days ago (2 days ago)SeravySeravy
Bases, well...
If it's too small and the figure falls over - that's the worst case. Haven't encountered this one yet except on low quality trading figures.
If it's larger (in width) than absolutely necessary - that's not good. It's wasting space. If it's significantly larger, that's horrible. I end up having to place figures in a way that their bases overlap. (not my picture but I have pretty much the same problem with these : (mfc link) )
If it raises the figure significantly - this is less of a problem but still bad - makes it look horrible next to other similar scale figures. item #69808 is guilty of that, I have to keep her in a very specific spot because of her base.

Plain bases are the best. Elaborate bases look great but they are more likely to be larger, see above, and even raise the cost, often significantly.

And the best kind of base is - a figure that stands by itself and needs no base!

(and finally, a base where the figure doesn't attach properly (pegs too far or too big etc) is also awful, but I don't think we can consider that part of ratings, if such a problem exists, that's clearly a defective product that can't be rated in any way except "do not buy".)
02 days agoHeldrikHeldrik
Quite an interesting post to read, though I don't share some of your opinions.

Personally, since I favor functionality over aesthetic, bases aren't as important as figures, though some clearly are. Like some others said, a plain featureless base (be it clear or colored) that perfectly holds a figure is better than an elaborate and ornate one that doesn't.

One thing that probably definitely ended shaping my opinion is that on most of the promo pictures (I know they're generally heavily shopped, but that's not the point here) of almost any figure, the base is not shown. That's a revealing sign, from a certain point of view.
02 days ago (2 days ago)Shimakaze69Shimakaze69
I don't have any set scale for rating bases. Each is judged based on the figure it's attached to, the company that made it, and the presence it gives off. Some examples of positive bases are:

Tsukihi's base item #162017: Rated 9/10

Probably one of my top favorites, and the reason I dropped a lot aftermarket to get her. The bright red color and repetitive pattern made by the latticework draws the eyes to the figure, but it's still simple enough that it doesn't take away from Tsukihi herself. The straight vertical and horizontal lines are a nice clash against the way she is leaning at a diagonal angle, and the thinness of the poles accentuates the thinness of Tsukihi herself.

(Honestly pretty much every Monogatari figure has an amazing base)

FunnyKnights does a decent job on their bases for the KanColle line (mfc link): Rated 6.5/10

The simple wood design with a placard of the ship's name gives off the feeling of an actual ship model, which is perfect for the atmosphere. The problem I have with a few of them though is if you put the placard in front, the figure looks off center and at a bad viewing angle. They could be a little smaller in diameter as well.

Saber Alter item #287689: Rated 8/10

An amazing looking base, fits the atmosphere of the figure perfectly. I'm usually not a fan of asymmetrical things, so sometimes I get a little twitch in my eye when I look at it, and sometimes I wish it didn't stick out so far, but when looking at the figure as a whole everything fits wonderfully.

Homu & Mado item #397001: Rated 7/10

A lot of people hate this base. I personally love it. It's simple, yet has a presence that makes it stand out on a shelf without taking away from the figures by being so tall, like a built in riser. I also love the fact it reminds me of a wedding cake topper, which adds so much to the atmosphere of the two little lovers.

Laura & Charlotte item #371718: Rated 8/10

Heavy duty, a folding support strut, simple design. It was clearly made for functionality instead of being flashy, but that's purrrfect when you already have 2 figures all cute and cuddly together in one small space to focus on.

Last of the positive bases I'll point out are the opaque bases of Zuihou item #198424 and Wokyuu item #198412: Rated 10/10

I love these bases. On their own they look amazing, creating a nice atmosphere but not taking away from the figures. But, the best part about them is when you get fancy and add lights underneath like I did, they take on a whole new level. (mfc link) Pretty damn amazing in my opinion!

As for negative bases:

Mikasa item #198359: Rated 4/10

In terms of atmosphere it does hit the mark, but it's way too unstable and top heavy. I've had many issues with it falling over. The entire bottom with the stabilizing weight fell out and I had to glue it back in, and the bottom isn't perfectly flat so it wobbles (even before it fell apart) Plus it's a bit too tall for my liking.

Kanade item #105081 and Sagiri item #397042: Rated 1/10

I am so disappointed in these, especially coming from GSC. The characters are somewhat basic already, so I think a little flare would have helped them stand out better.

Makise item #35297: Rated 3/10

I like the gears she's sitting on, but the main base is just plain and clear with a gear molded into it and it has a weird shape on the bottom, almost like it should fit into something. Not only that, but the support under her boot is white. Why not make that clear too? It's so bad I ended up putting her on top of my bookcase, so I can only see her from the knee up.

The DesDiv6 girls item #286436 item #331562 item #286431 item #331565: Rated 3/10

A good concept, having 4 figures with adjustable bases that can be combined. Poor execution. Each individual base is actually a few different pieces, so they can be rearranged, but the slots and tabs are placed in weird spots, so you're actually extremely limited in combinations. They should have made them universal and symmetrical. Not only that, but once they are all combined together, Inazuma and Ikazuchi barely fit. I've tried so many combinations to give them the appropriate space, but nothing works.
02 days agoCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
As others have said, function is significant and I think it depends on context as well in relation to the figure. Sometimes even bases that are elaborate could still look bad or be overboard, yet a simple base could be all that is necessary. The main purpose of a base is for stability as well as something which would compliment the figure, as that is what the viewer is most interested in unless the artist is capable enough and has a well-planned vision to make an entire scene work. The base is really just a complimentary element to the main show.
02 days ago (2 days ago)DonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
At the end of the day it's all subjective so it varies. In my opinion, function is the most important aspect and I've noticed simple bases achieve this the best. Of course there are dynamic bases that have been designed/engineered to have great function.

My problem with dynamic bases is on a grading scale in terms of how it affects hierarchy. The first/primary read should most definitely be the figure itself. The secondary read is what I presume is if the figure has a special accessory (e.g. Lyrical Nanoha figures or Labrys from P4U) The final read should be the base. If the base is too dynamic or flashy where it takes away from the figure (i.e. the base is more interesting than the figure) then the base is not doing a great job in complimenting the figure but rather, stealing the show. Simple bases achieve this sense of respecting the hierarchy by not being flamboyant (Which is particularly why I have a large modicum of respect for simple bases). In retrospect, this is all that I've gathered from my observation and experience.
82 days agoipwnboyzipwnboyz (~‾▿‾)~
I don't really agree with the rating system of the article because to me, even a plain black base
can score a 10 if it complements the figure well. Example: item #78917
While this one's more elaborated base item #97006 would get a score of 1 or 2
since the color clashes way to much with the figure to my liking.
42 days agotheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
Bases are rated by me on function followed by form. What's the point of a gorgeous base if I can't attach the figure to it or it has weak pegs? But if a base is plain and it still works, should it be low ranking? If the base works without leaning/gaps/difficult assembly then I'll give it a 5, anything less means there's a fundamental flaw. Anything more is based on how well designed it is. (Though IIRC my oldest reviews don't reflect this)
While I agree electronic bases look awesome I wouldn't reserve the top tier scoring for them as A) they're still very uncommon B) we could one day come upon one that doesn't look/function well and C) so far they're battery operated, but for example, the new release of the Seven Deadly Sins has USB-powered bases. Does that mean I'm going to have a USB plug hanging from the base at all times? Lame.
02 days ago (2 days ago)Tiamat26Tiamat26
Maestro (2 days ago) #21302198So you weren't a fan of that 6/10 for the base on that Alter maid figure review, huh? ;) I'd agree that figure reviews seem to mirror videogame reviews alot of the time, in that only part of the scale is being used. You don't see anything below 6 or 7, even for the absolute dreck. I say bring on the 2's and 3's! Get mad! When life gives you lemons, ask to speak to the manager, then key their car!

Well the base I was trying to get the gist of where the 6 out of 10 came from in that blog by Chloe. As I said I was looking more for the aesthetics of it then functionality. Chloe di point out that the base has held up over the test of time but that it is also awful. So it goes back to everyone has their own way to see how a base should be.

I also believe that there are some bases that are super design wise but that are a let down when the figurine just falls off or down due to bad design.

I have one like that as well but I am sure that it is just a batch run as I have a friend Rejean235 that has the same figurine and he has no issues with it. So can you say then that it is a bad base design?

Thanks for the comment

= )

02 days ago (2 days ago)MaestroMaestro
So you weren't a fan of that 6/10 for the base on that Alter maid figure review, huh? ;) I'd agree that figure reviews seem to mirror videogame reviews alot of the time, in that only part of the scale is being used. You don't see anything below 6 or 7, even for the absolute dreck. I say bring on the 2's and 3's! Get mad! When life gives you lemons, ask to speak to the manager, then key their car!
02 days agoTiamat26Tiamat26
I see the point of rating the base as high as 5 or 6 when the base performs well over time. I also see that I was looking at bases more as esthetically then functionally. I guess I am shallow LOL you are not pretty... I do not like you ...


= )

02 days agoCriscokidCriscokid
I like the rating system you have put forth in this article.
02 days agoMC707MC707
victorviper (2 days ago) #21300325View spoilerHide spoilerHere's my rubric.
10/10-Highly attractive and functional base that perfectly complements the figure.
Examples: Koto's Gothic Lolita Asuka (mfc link) with the cool stair base, this (mfc link) Koto Asuka, Beagle's Chris (mfc link).
8-9/10-A base that is not only functional but is attractive.
Examples: Koto's recent Sakura Kinomoto (mfc link), GSC's Triela (mfc link).
6-7/10-A base that is functional but possibly plain and boring.
Example: Taito's Pochaco (mfc link).
5/10-A base that is of questionable functionality.
Example: Sega's Sakura Kinomoto (mfc link).
3-4/10-A base that can be made to work, but requires some effort by the owner of the figure to actually be made functional.
Example: Penguin Parade's Kuroko Shirai (mfc link) .
0,1,2/10-A base that is so poorly designed that there's no chance of being able to use (or even modify) it for its intended purpose. I haven't really come across anything like this, but I don't doubt they're out there...
I like this rubric a lot. You give at least 5 points to a base if it's functional and stands the test of time (few/no reports of broken pegs, leanings, etc). Function before form, but form adds to the function. A base of 10 goes above and beyond, not only does it work in keeping the figure up and looking good, but also complements the figure (like Tia's examples of Asuka's bases).

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