iSupported site, but am unable post more sales?n/a

I most recently made a donation to the site in hopes that it would allow me to post more sales posts, but I am still unable to do so for a week. Is there a set amount that you have to donate to MFC to be able to post unlimited sales posts? Selling just about my entire collection and figured it would help to get it all posted

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014 days agogrimes99grimes99
money was spent and it was done just under a day ago.
014 days agoadrikynadrikyn
Was the money deducted from your account? Perhaps it didn't go through.
214 days ago (14 days ago)WanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
Your status hasn't been updated yet to reflect that you are a Subscriber. It can take a while, I guess. You can check your Rank on your profile page to see when it gets updated.

Edit: I was wrong; on (mfc link) it says account upgrades should be immediate. The contact email is on that page, so contact them and let them know there's a problem.



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