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This was one of my orders from FromJapan and they are from the Pokemon Look upon the Stars collection. I bought an eco bag, a notebook and two acrylic charms. I wanted to get the pouch but it was already sold out.

I wanted to get Pikachu but I'm glad that I didn't get a double. I want to get more eventually.

Another order from FromJapan were these two WEGO bags. They were on sale and I had to get them. I like the colors of both bags.

The buttons were from ebay and the reason I bought them was because I had an ebay coupon.

These are the Yuri on Ice items that I bought on amiami. The plushes are adorable and my favorite strap is the katsudon strap.

I'm so happy that I finally have the Sasuke nendoroid. Ryoma looks so cute with his blush.

I want to see nendoroids of Sakura, Neji and Itachi.

I bought Misaki when he was on sale on HLJ. I missed out on getting Saruhiko but I will eventually get him.

The Ten Count charms are adorable. I want to display them.

Misaki looks amazing but his eyepatch head fits a bit loose.

Thanks for reading.

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012 days agoCicielyCiciely
Very nice loot! I love the ten count charms and the sasuke nendo is super cute too!
013 days agojazzylinjazzylin
The yoi pieces are so cute! They did announce nendoroids for Sakura ajd Itachi about a week ago, I'm pretty excited for Itachi
013 days ago (13 days ago)DaichukiyoDaichukiyo
Great loot post! I love all of the galaxy/star themed items and super jealous of your two WEGO bags! ^^ They are super gorgeous, I might look into getting one myself ~ Thanks for sharing!♡



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