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08 days ago (8 days ago)MauxjediMauxjedi
I'll be honest, If my roommate wasn't my 16 year old little brother, I'd probably have tons of 18+ Sonico figures. As it is, I just have item #175533, (pretty tame for Sonico) and I'm not entirely sure about displaying that one. Once I get my own place however, I'll expand a lot into the ecchi and 18+ figure side of collecting.
08 days agookami34okami34
Emily_katie (9 days ago) #23654013I had a similar conversation with my Boyfriend last night. I think its down too the fact I'm not a confident person so I find characters like Sonico (although she isn't real) inspiring? she owns her own body :3 Your boyfriend doesn't understand your hobby? Also, what are you not confident about your appearance? I personally don't find myself all that, but I don't think I'm ugly. XD

I believe I understand you a bit more. Sonico is ok, because she doesn't have that "lollipop figure". (You know slim all around, but has a huge bust. ) Instead, Sonico had a bit of evened out weight to her.
18 days ago (8 days ago)CoiffwaffCoiffwaff
I'm a lesbian and I find blushy/embarrassed girls to be the cutest thing ever, especially if that shyness comes from what they are or aren't wearing haha. So I'm all for 18+ figures and media, even if I personally don't get turned on by it. I also have a great mom who doesn't mind at all that I have naked girls all over my room.
29 days agoEmily_katieEmily_katie
okami34 (9 days ago) #23641795I don't mind any figure or art that depicts the female body in general. However, I don't understand how something sexually explicit can be "empowering". :/
Can you please explain this "empowerment" to me so that I can better understand where you are coming from on this? (I'm really curious about it.) :)

I had a similar conversation with my Boyfriend last night. I think its down too the fact I'm not a confident person so I find characters like Sonico (although she isn't real) inspiring? she owns her own body :3
09 days agoWolfragniumWolfragnium
Mostly I do like them (when it's nothing but nudity), but sometimes they can get a bit digusting (lots of juices, and sometimes even gore).
19 days agoCr4zyDuckCr4zyDuck
I own item #144282 along with many other lewd lolis figs and I dont give a shit about what people think.
19 days ago (9 days ago)pikcarlospikcarlos
As a gay male I love a lot of native's figures even though they're mostly of girls. (Honestly, there isn't anything wrong with you being a girl and liking these figures, so let's just get that out of the way.) I find the figures to be cute and don't really look at them sexually lol. I love the designs and how creative some of the figures can get.
Definitely don't feel weird though. There isn't anything wrong with appreciating 18+ figures. While they may not be for everybody, as long as it's something that makes you happy then I think it's okay.

That being said, my family is coming to visit me and I have no idea where to put item #293234 lmaooooooo. I really don't want to have a discussion about him so he probably has to go back in his box for a couple of days. SO I guess the awkward situations of having these figures is inevitable since not everybody understands them.
09 days agoCrescentCrescent Noob Collector
Well if you really like it then why not? I just don't buy these things just because I don't want to start a religious war at home. I already received flak from the figures I already bought, not that it ever stopped me from buying more haha.
59 days agohaileybraunhaileybraun 11037
Funny enough, most 18+ figure collectors I meet are girls
09 days agookami34okami34
indian_summer22 (10 days ago) #23590034Even straight females can find the female body pleasing to the eyes without any sexual attraction.

I didn't mean to imply that they couldn't; that was not my intension. I'm aware that the many women can find the female body interesting.
29 days ago (9 days ago)okami34okami34
Emily_katie (10 days ago) #23591272I'm straight :) I suppose I can appreciate the female form, perhaps find it somewhat enpowering :')I don't mind any figure or art that depicts the female body in general. However, I don't understand how something sexually explicit can be "empowering". :/

Can you please explain this "empowerment" to me so that I can better understand where you are coming from on this? (I'm really curious about it.) :)
59 days agoOceanRoostOceanRoost
I'm a gay, female collector and my opinion on 18+ figures is kinda mixed.

Some look nice, but some are of underage girls in sexual situations. It's a gross mixed bag. Personally I wouldn't own anything I'd be ashamed to show other people. I love having people look at my collection and I wouldn't want to own anything that I'd have to hide away every time I have company.
09 days agosnowynightssnowynights
I've always been on the fence about it...like, for example, item #98982 (I forgot how to link the items) i've always really liked but...kinda hard to display that without being seriously question by parents xD So I guess if it was more accepted by people, I would collect more for the artistic value...but there are some NSFW figures out there that I find really disturbing.
09 days ago (9 days ago)CantisamaCantisama
I prefer family-friendly figures since I never know what age of visiting relatives will be looking at my collection. There are some series, like To LOVEru, where provocative outfits match the character. In those cases, I collect the milder versions of those characters (e.g. lingerie Mea item #167145 rather than too suggestive Mea item #331484) and place them such that they are high and out of sight of younger viewers.
19 days ago (9 days ago)TheSecurityMareTheSecurityMare
I generally like them, but I have yet to really purchase any other than a couple Seven Deadly Sins ones. I mostly prefer cast-offs so I can choose if I want to display it naked or clothed. One of my main problems is a lot of 18+ figures have breasts that are larger than my liking. I definitely like my lolis though.
09 days agoJosineJosine
I don't generally collect 18+ figures, simply because I prefer more clothed figures and also because I dislike lewd poses (and many 18+ figures have lewd poses), but I do own item #293234 mainly for collectors value and also because of abs and I also have one cast-off item #338216 that I really like because she just looks awesome and badass.
49 days ago (9 days ago)CinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
Lilie (10 days ago) #23586900

I'm typing this up on my phone so specifically quoting certain things will be hard, so I'll just sum up my response best I can.

First, this isn't me personally attacking you for having an opinion. Infact, I made a point to commend your respectful honesty and validate your opinion, but I also wanted to make a point of looking at the other side of the situation. This is a general response to my feelings towards how certain people are treated due to their choice of figure. Sure, you might not be disgusted by it, perhaps disturbed, but you still obviously don't feel comfortable with it. Whatever, that's okay. But when using the word "problematic" to describe a preference for a figure... I don't know. Perhaps me stating that this isn't a "crime" wasn't the correct wording to describe my moral beliefs because it is true, there are differing laws and legal procedures with products in many countries. That I do agree with.

My opinion is that a fictional figurine of a child-like character is not bad and the people that purchase them are not bad people. Everyone has their own reasons for liking things and regardless what is socially acceptable or not; not everyone will agree regarding the morality of this subject. I view this as nothing but a toy; it has not any sort of human feelings and it doesn't have a conscience, it'S an object. I have no sympathy for it. It sits there and serves its purpose to perhaps excite some middleage man or perhaps it's a teenaged girls new decoration for her super cute bedroom, but it doesn't do any harm except leave strange images in your mind and perhaps not meet with your morals and values. Infact what's more harmful is harshly putting down these people (which I'm in no way suggesting you're doing). What is so wrong for a person to have something they like if it isn't actually affecting anyone else? People can voice their distaste even still, but I have seen people actually attack others in this community based on this very subject matter. Now REAL porn within this subject matter or anything worse than that is very inexcusable and bad because THAT is when it is affecting people and aaaa it makes me really uncomfortable just mentioning that, but personally that's where I draw my thick-ass line.

Of course the government is going to generally associate underage looking cartoon characters with pedophilia, but there's a much bigger issue regarding that subject in its entirety within the eyes of the law and I think to them anime characters aren't an exception. Even still, you did state not all countries follow this and there are some pretty bizarre laws in different countries, so government logic doesn't always equate to social beliefs or individual beliefs. My opinion and your opinion still stand as valid. Where is the invisible line or boundary? You draw that for yourself, not on behalf of society as a whole. Everyone is going to have different comfort levels and though processes. You build your own sense of boundaries and of course social media, film, etc isn't going to see this subject as remotely acceptable as naturally people are made to feel uncomfortable about it. Look how our society portrays and sometimes antagonizes sex and the female form! As if it were really taboo! Things aren't just black and white. Like when you bring up religion: majority would agree that it is harmful, but when you actually critically think about it... the purpose and creation of religion isn't harmful, it's the people who abuse it and who use it to cause harm who are harmful. i could ramble on about this all day tbh, but I'll stop right there haha.

Sorry, my statements are unorganized and blah, but truth be told, these conversations do excite me and I mean no bad sportsmanship or ill feelings whatsoever.
09 days agotinee-figurestinee-figures
There are some I love and some I don't like. I personally don't have any 18+ figs, my closest one is item #166693 and that isn't even considered an 18+ (just by my friends and family who have seen my collection) I would love to own more but probably won't until I have my own place
09 days agojkbjkb
You should define your own collection, your collection's purpose is to please you.
How the community find it shouldn't affect how you feel about it. But if it disturbs you to a point of discomfort, then you shouldn't get the figure.
The 18+ I got item #78685 item #95937 item #98982 item #54014 item #167206 item #103196 item #117973
I actually got Cat Lap Milk for 80% the unique and amazing sculpt and paint job, 20% nudity.
09 days ago (9 days ago)ArthesianArthesian
Just going to drop my opinion as well.

Personally, I'm not (yet?) interested in 18+ figures - or at least, the one closest to it I own is #198576 -- I don't take her top off :P -, but I don't find it 'weird' or surprising that people like them. There are some borders for me though, I would personally never buy 'loli' figures... But I would not shame on anyone who does. To each their own.

Anyway, I voted 'No Opinion', although that's not really true; I'm definitely not against them, neither to I love them. I just...'accept' them :P

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