iGSC Rocks w/ Customer Supportn/a

Was pleasantly surprised yesterday to receive a box yesterday from GSC.


It has been about 2 weeks since I sent them an email explain how Harlan's head broke on my nendo.
They said they would send replacement parts. I interpret that as just a head and joint.

What I didn't expect was a whole bird. (Minus the legs and wings.)


GSC you rock! *does excited dance*


Although I have a better idea why the neck snapped in the first place..the head is pretty heavy and since the peg is at an angle, the head causes more stress on it than usual.

Forgive my not so great picture taking skills...

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05 years agoniwadaisukeniwadaisuke
Greetings fellas :) I'm new here in MFC and this is my first comment ever...I will just ask? Is using yahoo mail for sending GSC some messages okay? Or do I have to use MS Outlook for sending mail to them? Cuz I emailed them via Yahoo weeks ago about my Strength -animation version- which has her left thumb detached from the main ogre hand...but they won't reply -___-

Sorry for the noob question and thanks~ :)
05 years agontheontheo
Rafflesia (5 years ago) #1005844How long did it take them to reply to your first email?
Edit: They responded to mine. ilu GSC

Glad they emailed you back. From what I understand they only have 1 english speaking memeber on CS so it may them some time.
Give them about 2 weeks to ship out the parts to you.

I wonder how many support requests they get on a regular basis.
05 years agoGauenaraGauenara
Yeah, they're great. They did the same for me with a nendo from Path! too

Enjoy your new bird ^^
05 years agoTenmaTenma The Idolm@ster
I had the same problem with my Homura School Uniform Nendoroid broken wings because it was a WF exclusive i thought i never would receive the part.

After asking me why i got it so early they send me the part 2 weeks later so GSC support definitly rocks!
05 years agoLeo_OtakuLeo_Otaku
Yeah my Flandre's snapped so they sent me a new one :3
05 years ago (5 years ago)RafflesiaRafflesia
How long did it take them to reply to your first email?
Edit: They responded to mine. ilu GSC
05 years agoAsakoAsako Om nom nom
GSC support does rock. I bought a Cirno nendoroid last year and her body was missing her red tie/bow thing. I emailed them, gave them a picture and they said they'd send 'a replacement part' -- they just sent a whole new body, not just the tie/bow. Though I don't as of yet have enough spare parts to make a whole new nendo with the old body, I may soon.
05 years agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
I hope GSC will send me a new head XD
though I forgot to tell them which face plate's joint broke... Oh well.

The least I'm expecting is a few new neck joints ^__^

Congrats on your bird! Glad to know GSC's customer service is great!
05 years agosailormoonmeowsailormoonmeow
I've never had problems with my figures, but I'm happy that they are always awesome with others' problems!!
05 years agontheontheo
I'm really happy they go the extra mile to ensure customers are happy. ^_^

Then again, this is a hobby so it would be wiser in the long run if they do...

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