iS.H. Figuarts Meteor...9/10

Hey there everyone, back with a new review!
Get ready to clench your fists, as today I'll be taking a look at
Kamen Rider Meteor
"The name is Kamen Rider Meteor..."

The secondary Rider from Fourze, Meteor crashes onto the scene in typical Figuarts fashion; packed in a stylish looking box with plastic display window and a plastic tray to hold all of his accessories.

Like the previous Fourze figures, Meteor is fully plastic, and features the same ankle rockers and joints as his fellow Rider.

Brimming with joints, Meteor is capable of striking plenty of poses, an important feature when it comes to this agile and aggressive Rider.

As expected from the Figuarts line, the molding and paint work on Meteor is well done, recreating him in vibrant detail.

When it comes to accessories, Meteor comes packaged with a decent variety. Included are four pairs of hands; two fists, two splayed open hands, two more splayed hands with the two center fingers pointed downward, two thumbs up hands, and a single hand with the pointer finger extended for activating the Galaxy.

Also included are two separate versions of the Meteor Galaxy and the Meteor Driver with the Meteor Switch removed from the Driver and plugged into the Galaxy instead for activating Meteor's Limit Break finishing move.
O K !!

Last but not least, the fourth Foodroid, Hulashake, is included, in both it's Active and In-Active (or Milkshake) modes.

All in all, Meteor continues to showcase the great construction and high-quality of the Fourze Figuarts line, and really brings the unique character to life in great detail.

If I had one problem with the figure however, it would be the helmet. Meteor's blue mask is a bit too cloudy in comparison to the blue on his shoulder armor, almost as if there was a cleaning step skipped during construction, and makes it a bit harder to see the actual eyes.

That aside, Meteor is still an excellent figure, and fits in well with the many forms of his buddy Fourze.

Unsurprisingly, if you're a fan of the show, I would certainly recommend picking up Fourze's intense Rider partner as he adds a unique feel to the line and helps to branch out the look of the figures released so far. Of course if you like his look, or the way he fights in the show, then I'd say to give him a try and see what you think!

Well, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to check out my review. I hope that it was informative, and helped you to decide whether or not to pick up this Flowing and Crashing hero!
"I'll decide your fate."

'Till next time!

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05 years agorealjudge212realjudge212
Great review, great pictures. Been thinking about picking up some SH Figurarts Kamen Riders.



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