Has anyone ever dealt with Jam7 store? They seem to be small and I'm not sure if I should try them or not.

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05 years agoMoroMoro
Setting off all my warning bells...and the pricing is really inconsistent.
05 years agoMisa-chanMisa-chan
This shop seems super fishy but I don´t wanna judge them too early...but like aeonblue already showed in the Link 1360$ for a ACCEPTABLE Game? Come on...
05 years agoRitsuRitsu
Many of the figures seem super over priced...
05 years ago (5 years ago)aeonblueaeonblue SHSL Procrastinator
Never heard of them until now. They don't seem too shoddy so far, but for a business that's had experience of "over 5000 business transactions" their effort in providing clear and accurate descriptions of their products is kind of disappointing.

Their "pick your condition" options are bit weird too. For [ext link ], you can buy a new one for $64 but you can also buy a mint one for $46 ._. or better yet, an acceptable one for a cheap $1360! ._________.

I'm also disappointed in their figure section. You can't filter through the items unless you type in a key search word (just like Japan-Best) and all the figures apparently weigh 1kg and it seems most are not suitable for SAL. Apparently even this one [ext link ] and she's only 18cm (7 inches).

You should definitely contact them and see how their customer service is like. Someone should make a forum in the figure shop review club as well.



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