iTime to choose a new Camera.n/a

04 years agoWildstarWildstar
Boomsickle (4 years ago) #1040672This one there's candy in the lenses too :DLMAO with that, but I found a real one [ext link ]
04 years agoImanovImanov
I'm really enjoying Sony TX10, it's small, easy, waterproof, take nice shots, panoramic, 3D and so, it's also cute, check it. I paid around 260USD 6 months ago, but I believe you can find the 'sisters' for less, the main difference is just the kinda useless features ( like the waterproof sometimes ), look for Sony TX series. Amazon had nice prices.
04 years agox1o8xx1o8x
if you could increase your budget a little, I think Panasonic Lumix LX5 will be good for you :P
04 years ago (4 years ago)AsakoAsako Om nom nom
I think you should hold out for a while and save more money. $150 is not nearly enough for a good camera. The good P&S units come in around $300, and as already stated, you could get second hand DSLR for that kind of money which is ultimately the superior choice. Though something like Canon's S95 or the later versions (S95 may be closer to your budget as it is somewhat dated now) would be the best middle ground.
04 years agoTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
Well noticing the blue pixel I've seen being not as visible when taking a few pictures a few minutes ago, did clean the lens more. So right now still trying to see if I'm not over reacting but it is time to switch to something new.
04 years agofishcakefishcake
To help with your research, check They do extensive hands-on testing and no-BS analysis on lots of cameras and have fairly active community forums.
04 years agoTyjosAzariTyjosAzari
I don't mind used at all, in fact if not all my technology except for a few things is second hand[or was free] so I am pleased with Canon so far since I've enjoyed the Powershot Pro.

Right now It's more or less budget constraints, can't be without a camera too long...can still use this camera but not for anything that could be posted here...sorta been trying to save my better photos for this site now these days.

Photography is an added expense to my overall collecting, so as you say gotta be smart and to quote Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures

"Must do Research!"
04 years agofishcakefishcake
Check out if you don't mind used gear. You can pick up a Canon Rebel XT DSLR body for about 150. Throw in a close-focusing kit lens or a macro prime and you'll be pretty much set for around 300 dollars with easy upgrade options and a lot more capability than a point-and-shoot.

If you're set on a non-DSLR, look at Canon's G series point-and-shoots. The G series offer a larger physical sensor size which results in less image noise and also gives you access to manual photographic control should you wish to explore that. Remember that megapixels aren't everything, the quality of the sensor and lens matters just as much--if not more.
Keep in mind though that the G series cameras aren't that much smaller than DSLRs if compactness is your game.

Photography can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be if you buy smart. My current go-to lenses are a MF Tokina 28mm that I picked up for 50 bucks and a Pentax F 35-70 that I got for 40 (both on keh)
04 years ago (4 years ago)TyjosAzariTyjosAzari
Still at this point it's research since I can still get a decent camera just a matter of what price range and seen one that has gotten my attention on Amazon.

GE Power Pro X500 -It's a 16mp Camera which would be better than what I'm currently using after reading some of the reviews on it.

But I'm at this point not in favor of spending $500 on a camera, with things as they are to me that's the last thing I want to do at this point.

Saw the prices on the Canon PowerShot SX130IS and might consider going for that, might be slightly over my range but if I can do things right with the month's budget for when I decide to pick up that camera it'd be tight to fit it into my challenged limit I've set for myself to spend under [Which is $500]

But need to check some more information out.
04 years agoFred4rkFred4rk
It might be rude but I think you can sell some of your least loved collections and get 500$ worth camera if you really want to get a really good camera.
04 years agoBoomsickleBoomsickle Galge Gamer
This one there's candy in the lenses too :D
04 years agoYaoneKohaiYaoneKohai
I agree on the sony cybershot cameras. I have multiple friends and relatives that own one and they are amazing for how reasonably priced they are
04 years ago (4 years ago)WildstarWildstar
Quite frankly, there is no such thing as a "good digital camera" for under $150.

You should try to reach for the Canon SX130 or SX150.
Below that, it's mostly stuff for teenage girls and Facebook -- you need manual modes if you want to take decent figurine photos, otherwise you're basically dependent on luck.
04 years agocitruscitrus
I have a Canon SD780IS, and it has served me quite well. I the the currently equivalent model will suit your needs.
04 years agoxcupidxstuntxxcupidxstuntx
Sony Cybershots have a decent price range and are generally good little cameras :) I got mine a few years ago for my birthday, and it still works perfectly and has a decent amount of different modes, and takes high quality photos.