Fire! What would you do?!

This is kind of a question/ mini game!

Your house is on fire! You are a figure collector, a cat owner, and a middle class person without any fire insurance. You don't have any children (so don't worry about that).

You have 5 minutes before the house burns down. You can only save 5 figures at max.

What would you save?
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    Run for your....

    • 7%Life!!!
    • 10%Figures! I have to grab as many figures as I can before leaving the building!
    • 25%My cat! She can't run out of the building by herself!
    • 3%My cash/bankbook/etc
    • 3%Electronics. My PS3 is my baby~
    • 6%Things of sentimental value
    • 2%Important documents. IE: passport.
    • 11%Fire Extinguisher
    • 16%Life, pets (whatever animals I own), and stuffs (like figures, imporants like passport or money/etc, electronics) :P
    • 5%Call Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy using a magic conch shell
    • 1%Throws my figures at the fire
    • 0%Stand in the blaze, surrounded by positions and laugh manically, and go down with it all, like an hero
    • 5%The only answer is to predict the fire and destroy it before it happens
    • 2%A Captain always sinks with his ship.
    • 2%Fate Zero Episode 24
    • 2%Bring some matches to burn down my neighbours' house as well
    • 1%Use cat to put out the fire!!!
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    I know its hard for us to depart with our expensive, rare figures when unpredictable accident happens, but human lives are always priorities. Assume picking a limited items to escape is the only option, I would save my family, my cute quaker parrot, important belonging (wallet, passport, credit cards....), my personal external harddrive/ laptop and if I have time, I would grab my favorite MG grade (red frame) and figure (captain liliana). I always try to keep my figure collection to as little as reasonably achieved (ALARA) - also an abbreviation for radiation protection :p, so I don't feel as bad if I do have to lose everything.
    4 years ago
    WindsorSeven (5 years ago) #1043796I love whoever suggested Mermaid man and Barnacle Boy.
    I did, but I didn't think other people would actually vote for it. Wanted a laugh, apparently a few others did too.
    5 years ago
    I actually went through a fire- nearly lost my life. I have to say with a fire, there is no time to grab anything. My house went up fast and I almost didn't get out of it. If my brother wasn't there I wouldn't be here now.

    I used to joked for years with my friends that if a fire hit I grabbed my Sonic/Digimon/Saiyuki stuff and run BUT when it happened? I barely got out with my life. I couldn't joke about it anymore because I realize that really, there is not enough time to grab anything when it happens. :/
    5 years ago
    I love whoever suggested Mermaid man and Barnacle Boy.
    5 years ago
    My pets are fish so that wouldn't work. I think my life is more important than any physical belongings.
    5 years ago
    use my figures as fire-retardant :D
    5 years ago
    I forgot to mention... where's the instant transmission option?
    5 years ago
    sarunamirabuRGBlv23 ♥ married to Ookurikara
    Well. I am a figure collector, a cat owner, and a middle class person without children so this is rather relatable--

    I think to avoid all this I will just try and put out the fire I mean y'know instead of watching it burn down--

    Why can't I just shove my collection into a big plastic storage container really quick and then take that outside with me along with the cat--
    5 years ago
    i will grab Fire Extinguisher and kill the fire before its burns my house and all my collection
    5 years ago
    I had a small fire start in my home once. I ended its life with a glass of milk; it was a weird moment. Should it happen again, I ain't going down without a fight. I would use milk and all or die trying. This captain has more than figures to save, after all! As for the pets (which I don't have), I just hope they're fast runners and not lazy bums. XD
    5 years ago
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