ibig in japan...n/a

i was searching and found a store named Big In Japan...

does anybody knows it???

is it safe???

cause i really want to buy something there but i dont know nothig about it and never hear it before

i let you the link....

(ext link)

thanks for your help
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03 years agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
Completely safe for me! I'm not too sure about their costumer service, but I bought from them quite some times and everything turned out smoothly
03 years agoOrannisOrannis
BiJ is a really good store, especially for exclusives. They are certainly trustworthy.
03 years agoK-MuK-Mu
I used them once to order an exclusive figure. No problem, it was a safe and good transaction :)
03 years ago4catdoorman4catdoorman
BIJ's proxy service is fast but you better really want that item because their cost structure is not inexpensive. I found some items in and used BIJ as the destination so I could get them as doesn't want to ship to the US direct. I was able to get the two items from different vendors to my door over here in less than 1 week's time thanks to the quick turnaround by BIJ but, boy, did I pay for that service and privilege.
03 years ago4catdoorman4catdoorman
BIJ offers the option to pay for pre-orders later but you have to use the Paypal Pay Later option when you check out. This option is like any other site that bills upon notification of product release availability.

ponnie (3 years ago) #1047466It's a good store, probably the best one to find some exclusives, but they charge you immediately even for pre-orders.

I've bought item #98986, paid and got the 'Shipped' notification in just a couple of hours. That was the best online order handling in my life's purchase history.
03 years agochobittsuchobittsu
They indeed have the option to lower the customs value, so that is a big plus. Apparently they now also accept credit cards, so that is also good (Paypal is easy, but their exchange rates are horrendous). The prices of some pre-orders can be quite hefty, so if you are going for those I suggest you check if those are available at other webshops; if not then BIJ might be your best shot...
03 years agoaraikoaraiko
I use them all the time, definitely safe and as others have said before, they are partner's of the site.

They also have proxy services and will declare a lower value if you request it :)
03 years agocitruscitrus
Ale (3 years ago) #1047494its a great site to order exclusives, they also let you use SAL with big items like for example this one:
item #42025
@itsame00: maybe because amiami doesnt want to pay? :P

Stores pay to be partners? I guess it makes sense, since MFC does advertise for them and all.
03 years agotisk394tisk394
thanks a lot!!!!
03 years ago (3 years ago)AleAle
its a great site to order exclusives, they also let you use SAL with big items like for example this one:
item #42025
@itsame00: maybe because amiami doesnt want to pay? :P

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