iGOT: First figma. ^^n/a

Well, looks like I split my budget for both Figmas and Nendoroids.

I just bought item #75621 from Mandarake and I'm so excited. ^^

I'm going to take care of her this time. If not, I'll buy extra joints and fix her with those. ^^

What does everyone think?

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05 years agoFigmaniac93Figmaniac93
Good purchase. I have this one too and it's one of the better figmas out there. Details are very good and no broken or loose joints.
05 years agoNeko_OniNeko_Oni
I've got her too and she's lovely!
I've found Figma to be sturdier than the Nendoroid line so you should enjoy her. She looks great next to White Rock Shooter!
05 years agoAstralFrostAstralFrost
I've got that figma too but I've decided not to collect anymore since I don't think the quality compares to scale figures and I don't care about poseability.
05 years agokhattkhatt
Congrats! I've been eyeing that one myself(even though I'm not familiar with the game). I love that she has so many details=interesting to look at. Enjoy!
05 years agoStallionStallion
looks great and congrats! oh, and be careful. :P
05 years agosorryiwasinsorryiwasin
Good choice!
I don't have that particular BRS figma but all the BRS figmas are really great!
I've put a fair number of figmas in various poses and haven't broken any of them yet so they're not too difficult to pose. All the same it doesn't hurt to be gentle with them.
05 years agoAlphaUltimaAlphaUltima
always apply pressure at the point of insertion or rotation.
they're not action figures, so don't expect to switch poses in seconds.
05 years agoKuugaKuuga
congratulations !

welcome to figma world.
05 years agoAiolosAiolos
as long as you don't use brute force, I don't think she'll break easily

though be careful with the front end of her shoes, it can bend somewhat but if you're careless it could break

joints are standard, nothing to worry about unless you're Hulk xD
05 years agobelletzxbelletzx
figma joint are kinda...fragile...so gotta be careful!!! ^^

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