iHow do you display your figures?n/a

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04 years agoghirahimghirahim Needs more Kyouko
I checked out my new room yesterday and the owners left behind a bookshelf of some description that is actually perfect for my figures currently. Thank you for the suggestion everyone, I will still be saving for a lovely glass cabinet ^-^
04 years agoMsNixMsNix
I started my collection displaying them on a mantel and a bookcase, its perfectly fine, it really just comes down to dusting in the end. Plus if you have brothers/sisters/pets/children and you would rather not so easy access the glass cabinets help.
04 years ago692718692718
Most of my displayed figs are in two Detolfs. There's one on my gaming stand-thingy and one of my computer desk.
04 years agoitsame00itsame00
Don't have a detolf yet, or anywhere to display them on so I just display them on my computer/study desk.
04 years agoAnnieAzuraAnnieAzura
i just moved too. and being poor college student, but convenient living around other college students that throw away furniture they can't carry, i picked up a free bookcase from someone and use that now. i still put some on the frame above my desk tho, to spread them out a bit. my collection isnt that big.
04 years ago (4 years ago)ReinierReinier
I keep mine all inside of Detolf cabinets from IKEA and large glass display boxes like this: [ext link ] (scroll down when you click the link)
04 years agoxanxasxanxas
Some on my TV stand (with my tv) some on my desk and the rest on a 3 tier shelfing unit
04 years agosorryiwasinsorryiwasin
If I didn't have two destructive cats I'd totally go with some bookshelves.
Since I do have the cats I need something completely enclosed and the detolf really does seem to be the cheapest solution in that regard.
04 years agoadrikynadrikyn
bookshelves~ some go on my desk too.
04 years agoponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
I have a desk with shelves which is currently full. I plan on getting some separate shelves ^^
04 years agoAlphaUltimaAlphaUltima
i bought two target book shelves for 60 bucks together.
04 years agoZeroParadigmZeroParadigm Loli Breakfast Machine
My display is contained in two detolfs in my living room. They aren't lighted yet, but I intend to change that in the near future!
04 years agoKuugaKuuga
I use a display cabinet but it was broken 4 months ago because ceiling in my room is falling.

now, I use a wood cabinet to display my favourites
04 years agoElixirElixir
A store locally that sold cellphones was clearing out their display cabinets, and I decided to buy them. Got them down to NZ$350 for 3. 3 shelves, plus cabinets at the bottom. They also have wiring for lights, although I've heard that's bad for figs, so I don't bother. Also, not all of the lights worked. At the time of buying them and going through the negotiation, I didn't even realize they had lights, so it came across as more of a nice surprise rather than a factor.

I also have my Grandmother's beautiful china cabinet she left us, which still remains an eye catcher to date. I plan on moving though, so a lot of my figures--in fact, all of them--are in their own boxes.
04 years agoxxnickiyxxxxnickiyxx
I don't know about your place, but I got myself a couple of Detolfs from the Dutch Ebay, they were really cheap, and included lights and stuff. And the best part was that the person lived really close to my place. Off course you can think of that as lucky as well. But I would certainly give it a shot looking at some second hand places. I used to display my figmas on a bookshelf, but I found myself greatly annoyed by the dusting off constantly and my cat bumping them over regularly. So then I found those Detolfs and I'm 110% happy now. They're dust-free, smoke-free and pet-free. Which in my eyes is the perfect place for a figure.
So I would advice browsing second hand stores for glass cabinets.
04 years agoZukin-ManZukin-Man
Because my off-work life mostly revolved around sitting in front of my TV, I started displaying my figures on furniture intended for other things (desk, dining room table, etc.).

I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone else, though.
04 years agomaddynamitemaddynamite
Right now, I have mine displayed on a bookshelf. When I have my own house, I will have wall-mounted shelves (I bought some nice ones on sale ages ago, but I can't put too many nails in the apartment walls!).

I prefer having my figures out in the open, so I can pose them. I try my hardest to make sure they're out of direct sunlight and dust them every week :)
04 years agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
Any figures that don't go behind my display cabinet end up on either my bookcase or desk hutch, I think as long as you keep up with the dusting they should be fine. ^^
04 years agoghirahimghirahim Needs more Kyouko
Asako (4 years ago) #1064624[ext link ] in various size/quantity and configuration. The stepped one may be nice to have on a desk, if you don't have room for a whole tower, for example.

They are expensive compared to consumer options, and if you live far from Sydney as I do, the freight is horrendous, but there really aren't any better pure glass options outside of the Detolf, and since Ikea don't deliver. . .

I think I might save for one because they do look really nice, or wait until I move to Sydney (I'm planning on in two or so years) to get one. In the meantime I might make do with a bookcase c:
04 years agoDarkreanaDarkreana
I use an old computer desk at the moment. No glass case or anything. O:
I display my anime figures mixed in with all my Pokemon figures. :3

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