iS.H. Figuarts Den-O Sword Form...9.25/10

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Sword Form
"Let me warn you...I always start on a climax!!"

The third release of the revamped Den-O line, Sword Form comes packaged in typical Figuarts fashion within a detailed, and thick cardboard box with plastic window along with a double plastic tray inside to hold the figure and all its accessories.

As with the previous Den-O releases, Sword Form boasts the top notch molding and paint we've come to expect from the Figuarts line, recreating Momotaros' Rider form in all his glory.
"Oi Oi! Get outta here New Boy! You're not stealing my spotlight!!"

Like New Den-O and Climax Form before him, Sword Form is fully plastic, and features the same ball-type ankle joints as his fellow line-mates, which allow for plenty of range for posing.

As far as accessories go, Sword Form has good amount overall. To start he comes with three sets of hands; two fists, two splayed open hands, and two gripping hands. Also included is a hand for gripping his Liner Pass and a thumbs up hand for his signature pose.

Two versions of the clips that hang from Den-O's belt are included, one that is empty, and one with the pieces of the DenGasher unit still attached. Included as well is Den-O's Liner Pass, which is used for activating his special attacks.

The DenGasher is included in two seperate versions. The first being the fully formed blade weapon, while the second version is just the hilt part of the weapon, with the blade separate.
"My Hissatsu attack..."

Lastly is an effect part that is split into five clear-plastic pieces for recreating the instance during Sword Form's final attack where the blade of the DenGasher launches into the air.

Each part is made of a slightly soft plastic, the spiky orb especially. The small spark bits are a bit more firm, but not flimsy, and don't feel like they would break unless you handled them too roughly. The central piece with the DenGasher blade atop it is a much more solid plastic.
"Part Two!"

Fully combined, it creates an impressive effect, and fills out Sword Form's accessory count. The pieces slide together easily, and hold well. They don't weigh very much at all, since Den-O can easily hold his sword in one hand even with the combined effect parts attached.

All in all, Sword Form gives us another enjoyable look into the world of Den-O, continuing the lines great quality, and supplying us with probably the most sought-after form of the central Rider.

As far as nitpicks go, the eyes of his mask do appear to be a bit compressed, but it isn't really that obvious unless you're looking at it directly from the front. Also, while this may only be my figure, the holes in his hands for the wrist joints seemed incredibly tight while changing them, almost to the point that I worried I may pop the joint out of his forearm completely.

If you're a fan of Den-O, then I'm sure you probably already own the figure, or have him in route even as I make this review. So I probably don't have to say much on that subject.

On the other hand, if you're not a fan of the Den-O series, I'd still recommend giving him a chance. With his unique design, and interesting character, I'm sure he wouldn't have a problem fitting in with your collection. Oh, and for those completionists out there, that's one less Heisei Rider to worry about. Now I wonder when we'll see Hibiki, Blade, and Kiva...?

In closing, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read my review. I certainly hope that it was informative, and helped you decide whether or not to pick up this feisty, sword-swinging form of Masked Rider Den-O!

'Till next time!

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05 years agoK-MuK-Mu
Great figure and very good review! Keep up the good work :)
05 years agoKuugaKuuga
nice review.

I tempted to buy him soon
05 years agowingman13wingman13
05 years agoDragonziggDragonzigg
Fantastic review and photography. Great to see Toku stuff getting some love on here!



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