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Hello fellow MFC Users!

Wanted to buy some items @ Mandarake and I have several questions regarding the shop:

I've found out that Mandarake doesn't allow customers to combine purchases from their different stores for the purpose of combined shipping.

My question:
If buying items from a single Mandarake store, do they allow customers to put a hold on an order so they can look for more items to add into their order to get the order total above 5000 yen worth (to avoid paying their 500 yen handling fee) and/or for the purpose of combined shipping?
If yes, how many days are they willing to hold an order to allow customers to add more items?

I know that once Manda sent an order invoice with shipping cost, you have 5 days to make the payment.

Any opinion from users with experience shopping @ Mandarake is most welcome.

Thank you!

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05 years ago (5 years ago)ebchmanebchman
Thanks a lot for all the answers!

Hmmm.. only 5 days window to combine orders... Have to stalk Mandarake more frequently then :p
05 years ago (5 years ago)Chibi_GohanChibi_Gohan
They don't do holds, but you can combine orders if the overall order is paid within 5 days of the original order. (They explain this in their site here: [ext link ])

They do wave the fee of the original order if the combined order is over 5k. (They did this one of the times I combined an order.)
05 years agoRaiskiRaiski
Goodwill? Pfft. For me Mandarake always combines my orders if I ask them to do so, as long as I can pay during the 5 day limit I can keep adding stuff. They also once held my items for couple extra days because I had asked them earlier about listing the items I wanted on the english site so I could combine them, but they hadn't updated them in time so they gave me 3 days deadline after I managed to get those items added to my order and got the final invoice from them. But that was an exception and they did it because my time almost running out was kind of their fault that time. ^^;
05 years agoWildstarWildstar
As 4Arnd stated, it depends on the goodwill of the store/employee. At Nakano they have combined orders without me even asking, but it has always been under 5K. Don't know if they'll wave the fee if you can get them to combine stuff either.
05 years agoNickeNicke
No, there's no hold system, but all the times that I asked them to combine one order with another they did it without any problem, I just make the new order and put on the comments "Could you please combine it with order *****? Thanks." and they send me a new invoice with all the items together, the 5 days they give you for payment count since the day you order the first thing, combining does not extend this period.
05 years agoCantisamaCantisama
There is no hold system at Mandarake. You are lucky if all the stuff you order is actually still in stock :P

So you have to try to get all items from the same store and spend at least 5000 yen in a single order placement... not always easy. I also like to check "cancel if item is not in stock" in case a missing item will cause the cost to drop below 5000 yen.
05 years ago4Arnd4Arnd 4ア一ンド
So far as I know they don't allow for that. Might be worth checking in the Mandarake thread as well. However, I have heard from one or the other user, that they have managed to combine an order with an existing one. But I'm quite sure this probably depend on goodwill of each individual store, if they are prepared to do it or not, as they pack your order up and send you the bill including shipping. Adding items means they have to unpack, re-pack and send you another new bill.

Sometimes you simply have to "play" the waiting game and hope the items you want come up in one single shop.

Or alternatively, may ask some members you're friends with in your area if they want some items as well and make one group order? You probably need only one or two more people.
05 years ago (5 years ago)dymitrdymitr
No, not that I'm aware of.
You can buy stuff from different stores in 1 order, but you'll have to pay multiple shipping cost.
It is only logical since Mandarake is scattered around the whole of Japan.
It will save you the 500yen fee if you can't get find enough items in 1 store to get to 5000yen minimum.
05 years agodslicerdslicer
I think they let you combine shipping from a single store as long as you haven't make the payment.



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