iGame bundles for just the figure?n/a

Well, I just read Mikatan's blog today and immediately fell in love with item #82466

Only problem? SHE'S A BUNDLE! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Now, I know she's only $130 all up and considering the bundle also comes with an artbook I'd be really interested in, it would be worth it too. The game? Absolutely no use for. That's where the majority of the price comes from unfortunately. There's some figures I also love like item #111297 and item #91623 which suffer from this problem.

I COULD have kept those games for pure entertainment, but most of the bundles are visual novels that are in Japanese which I can't understand worth for crap.

I'm just asking, is there a way to sell the unwanted stuff even though they're Japanese and get my money back?

What do you do when buying bundles just for figures?

Help me! D:

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05 years agoStrife212Strife212 Original Blue
I'm genuinely more interested in the box and art book and stuff, haha.
05 years ago (5 years ago)WoodlandbunnyWoodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
I don't even own a PSP but I absolutely fell in love with this figure so I'll be buying it and just storing the game away somewhere. But hey, I plan on getting a PSP at some point so maybe I'll get to play it then. ^_^

If you really like the figure, go for it. I'm willing to bet this one will jump in price soon after release.
05 years agobredoman123bredoman123
Even if the game is in a foreign language, I play it, the language "barrier" does not stop me! хD
05 years agorowbuttsrowbutts
I'm not passing it up after debating for months. However I really like Fate/Extra, and if CCC is localized I will buy it (again). It'd be kinda silly for me to hold onto my JP version so I'd sell it online or to a local shop that buys foreign games. I'm not planning on selling my bundle though, so if you want it to keep its worth keep the game I guess.
05 years agoAiolosAiolos
I personally avoid bundled items and only bought them if the figure is really good

and when I got one, I usually don't sell the bundled stuff (game / manga / artbook / etc)
05 years agoxxnickiyxxxxnickiyxx
Even though I never got a bundle for a figure I did get one for an extra drama and some extra exclusive arts. I happen to be lucky since it's a DS game, so it's not region locked, but I still don't understand anything of it, at all. Yet I still don't dare to sell the game on, since I'm afraid my bundle will loose it's original worth. I would say that the complete bundle will have more worth then only the figure. Though it could be my mistake...
So I would just buy it, and hold onto the whole set. It seems like a waste to sell a pretty box ;)
05 years agoTorchersphixTorchersphix
I'm just going to go for the bundle. I wanted red saber and now she cost waaaaay more than her original bundle to get alone...
05 years agoAllnighterAllnighter
Those game bundles are evil I tell you. You're paying 2-3 times if not more for a figure you want.

After I got my little Trigger Heart Exelica nendoroid item #2934 , I'm (almost) never going to order a bundle again. It really depends if you can make use of the extra stuff inside (usually a game). The game that came with my bundle is region locked, so I can't even play it on my ps2. If Exelica wasn't so awesome, I wouldn't have jumped the gun and ordered her.
05 years agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
I've been debating whether to get her for months but like you I'm trying to work out if I want to spend so much on it, I do have a PSP but I don't understand Japanese that well so I wouldn't be able to get that much enjoyment out of it, on the other hand the figure is gorgeous and I love art books as well. >:

Her exclusive bundled figmas do go up quite a lot in price though to the point of it costing the same if not more just for the figma.

Good luck choosing! :)
05 years agoCloudStrife-xxCloudStrife-xx
CloudStrife-xx (5 years ago) #1075266The game on the other hand I sold through Ebay to make some return on WRS

On that note, if its a game bundle, I think its a lot easier to sell off a game to another than any other merchandise.

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