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So I was frequenting my local comic book store today when I discovered to my great dismay that they'll be shutting down tomorrow. Though comics were their stock in trade, they also did lots of comic book related merchandise, including Kotobukiya's bishoujo figures. Speaking to the guy behind the counter, I learned that all of the remaining stock was due for the trash at closing time, including their remaining bishoujos of Supergirl and Invisible Woman. So I did what any figure fan would have done - I bought them!

Only problem is...I don't collect comic book figures, and I'm not in a situation to start now really. So what I'd really like to do is sell these on to owners who will have time and space for them. Needless to say, they're both mint and sealed in box in perfect condition. I'm asking for $50 for each of them plus shipping from the UK, which is just enough to cover what I paid. I'll probably ebay them if nobody picks them up, but I'd much rather they went to someone on here who I know will take care of them. Please PM me if you're interested, thanks!

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05 years agoEndyEndy
Man, you should've waited by the trash can after they're closed.
05 years agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
What assholes! Couldn't have sent them off to another store or something? You don't just trash brand new merchandise!

I would so buy Supergirl if it was next Friday.
05 years agoxcupidxstuntxxcupidxstuntx
Every UK comic book store I've known of has closed in the last few years. I'm not a comic person myself, but they're such interesting shops and...sigh. It makes me so sad :( I hope you find new homes for them!
05 years agoYaoneKohaiYaoneKohai
Wow I can't believe they were gonna trash them D: Good job on rescuing them! If it were Ivy or Catwoman, I would pick them up from you but all the same, I think you will easily find a home for them quickly



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