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So here's a great story.

I bought a figure recently from fellow MFCer Geo. He sent it express mail, delivery confirmation, tracking, all that good stuff. Great guy. Can't wait to see my new figure.

The USPS has other plans. They accidentally routed the package to Honolulu (I'm in Alaska) where, according to the tracker, it's been sitting since the 30th. Ironically, the 30th is when it was supposed to be on my front porch.

So I went to the airport post office--where packages arrive--and asked what the deal is. They didn't know, and couldn't really help me. They only said that it's still in Hawaii. They don't see anything different than I do with the online package tracker. This is insane. Is the package just sitting on a shelf in the back of the sorting facility, gathering dust? Is anybody going to, you know, forward it to me?

This morning I wrote a...heated but reserved email to the USPS' customer service email address. I should be getting a response back in "two or three business days." I wonder which I'll get first--my new figure, or a response? And what if I don't have either by Wednesday or Thursday? What's my remedy?

Has this happened to anyone else? If so, what can I do? I've traditionally had awful luck with the USPS (part of that might be from living in Alaska) but this is ridiculous.

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04 years agotakarayamatakarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
A few years back, I sent a package to New York from Sweden and it was stuck in Honolulu for quite some time. It eventually, much later, found its way to the recipient with a bunch of odd stickers plastered all over it. >.>

I hope you'll get your package soon.
04 years agoWatchJessieGoWatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Well, the word Alaska looks just like the word Hawaii, right?

/USPS logic
04 years agoshinhawkshinhawk
You'll just get a completely unhelpful response from your local post office with the customer service email. If you call and complain they still won't do anything unless the sender of the package requests an investigation. So you'll need to contact the seller and ask him/her to put in an investigation request. I know all this as I've went through it waiting for my Luka figure to come in. She's been in customs for nearly 18 days now.
04 years agowindywindy
USPS being shitty as usual; I've had this happen to me more than once. Sadly, even if you do get a response, it'll just be ~*oh yes, I see your package is in Hawaii, but nothing can be done except wait, I have no idea how this happened, your package will arrive soon*~ because no USPS employee gives a flying fuck about anything that goes on. They seem to be incapable of contacting other offices and there is no accountability whatsoever. I am eternally mad, www.
I don't doubt that you will get your package, though.
04 years agoJitterroJitterro
I've been having loads of problems with USPS as well. It turns out that the government is cutting their funding like crazy (the GOP wants to eliminate them completely), so their quality of service has been drastically reduced as a result. They don't even try to redeliver to me anymore.

Yeah, calling is the fastest way to get a response. Keep bugging your local office about it as well. I got a personal call from them after I complained to my local post office.
04 years agoLeo_OtakuLeo_Otaku
WTH? I would call and complain rather than email. I've had my issues with Canada Post and lack of staff training, for a service they provided. needless to say I got my money back AND free re-directing of my mail. I have a club postal rae so if you want you can complain there too :3 I feel it is good to vent once in a while.
04 years agometeorstormedmeteorstormed
It could just be in transit, and maybe the tracking won't be updated for a while? I think SAL or one of the other lower shipping services might work like that - they might not've shipped it out under the fastest thing/be waiting till they have a flight to you? I can't imagine they'd send a plane if that's the only thing going up that way though...
04 years agoUncleJoeyUncleJoey
Good to see USPS still being worthless even in their own country.
04 years ago
Try giving USPS a call when they're open. I've had packages forwarded to wrong places multiple times and surprisingly a phone call did wonders. It's also nice knowing which post office your packages goto before they goto your home (zip code wise) They have live tracking which updates faster than their web interface.

Forwarded and missent generally mean the package was sent to the wrong facility and they realized it and are working to correct it. Unfortunately, yeah, it's quite a ways away, so it'll take time.
04 years agomikki-malumikki-malu
At least you know where it is, you'd feel much worse if you didn't have track number. Stupid mistake of them but it'll eventually come to you. Time is nothing, I wait for my packages 35-40 days from Japan to Russia but the most important thing they arrive. And calling or writing to our post service doesn't make much effect on them usually :) Good luck with your package, I hope it'll arrive safe.

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