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Today is one of my saddest day to recieve a package from ami ami

Recieved "Lucky's Star Hiiragi Kagami" nendoroid and after I opened the box, I discovered the joint is broken TT _ TT

The box labeled B / B too !!!!


Buyers Beware on B / B items > _ <''


I contacted Ami Ami, and they will probably ask me to ship it back for refund...

BUT.... BUT... !!!!!

She ONLY "COST" me "$10", shipping it back to Japan will cost me more than her TT _ TT

lose / lose situation for me *Cries More* Q _ Q

so... rethink twice before purchasing any B / B item!

^ - ^

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04 years agoMugenTenshinFRDMugenTenshinFRD
$10 is not too much fortunately.
Is it really a B B lose lose? Then that means the box is totally damaged too. :P
I think you just got unlucky on this one, also I would prefer AmiAmi would post actual pictures of their pre-owned items.
04 years agoAlexiaAlexia
just got a reply from amiami, they will send me a spare joint!

04 years agoNeko_OrihimeNeko_Orihime
I agree, joints are easily fixable and GSC might even be nice enough to send you one.
Just take a joint out of another nendoroids head, that's what I did when my cat konata nendo joint broke.
$10 is an AMAZING price for that nendoroid, it probably costs 5 times more on mandarake.
04 years agoMoroMoro
You're whining about a fixable break when you paid TEN DOLLARS for a legitimate nendoroid? For crying out loud just use a joint from another figure, or follow one of the many tutorials out there for fixing nendoroid joints.
04 years agosarunamirabusarunamirabu ♥ married to Ookurikara
. . . you got her for $10. I'd take a broken figure like that in a heartbeat if that's the only issue. Just use another joint or ask GSC for one. Or even fix the joint. I have no idea why you'd send this back.

04 years agoR_DorothyR_Dorothy
Sorry to go a bit off topic, but when you folks say "older nendoroids" about how many years back do you mean? Part of the reason I limit the amount of nendoroids I buy is because their fragility scares me. I definitely want to avoid the older ones if they have so many breaking issues.
04 years agoBeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
If she was listed so cheap there may be a chance that they mislabelled the figure when they put it on the site and meant for it to be CB. All my BB items (I've gotten about 7 or 8 now) have been in great condition with one even sealed and another blister sealed.
04 years agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
There's no helping it with older nendoroids. It's a good thing that each head comes with a joint! I have Kagamikku as well (I had her preordered at a local store and payed quite more than that though) and she has always been wobbly and fragile. I have another Kagami who only costed me 10 bucks as well which did break and all, but it's only because the earlier nendoroids are very weak.
There are several tutorials around on mfc on how to fix broken joints, they were pretty useful to me! (though you can always just use one from a newer nendoroid, those are more sturdy)

I'd say you keep your Kagamikku, She didn't cost a lot after all! Enjoy her UvU
04 years ago (4 years ago)YorunoYoruno
Now I'm afraid for my B/B figmas to come...
04 years ago (4 years ago)YorunoYoruno
That's weird. Their Bs can either be in a perfect condition or badly damaged, why don't they follow their own description limits?

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