iSudden attraction to figmas?n/a

Hey everyone!
So yeah, to start this thing off, basically,
I've never been attracted to figmas.
The joints, the overall quality (compared to a scaled figure for example) the fact that they're more like a toy etc.
Actually, I have always thought I disliked them.
So, I have never thought of buying any of them.
But recently, I have been to an anime convention and got to see some for myself. They are really smaller than I expected ( I looove small stuff don't ask me why, I don't even know myself) So yeah, I was a bit more interested.

And now, I see sarunamirabu's picture of append figma mixed with the original Miku figma and it sort of hit me:
I want to buy figmas.
Or at least one.
Miku's figma (I'm a big fan, yeah)
I'm really starting to like them.

But I'm a bit scared it will do like my nendoroids...
I bought a lot, more than expected because they were cheaper than scaled figures ( even if I liked them more) to complete sets (like vocaloid and Puella magi) but it feels like I have wasted money on them while I would have liked more to have scaled figures for example...
So I'm wondering what should I do?



Should I buy Miku's figma?

  • 27.88%
    Hell yeah! Figma all the way!
  • 42.31%
    Only if you really want her.
  • I don't know.
  • 19.23%
    Honestly, fimga's aren't my thing.
  • 10.58%
    No, save your money for something you like more.

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02 years agomikki-malumikki-malu
Figmas are not my thing absolutely, the only figma I'd ever get would be Miku Append item #59755, coz her face is cute but I'll hold off as long as I can :) If you really want it go ahead but remember that this may become the beginning of your figma collection. I had this story with nendos. Never was going to buy any but gave in and bought Muku append from sale. Now I have 3 nendos, 2 more ordered and I know I'll buy a few others if they're re-released. Crazy :)
02 years agoNeko_OniNeko_Oni
I'm also going to say that if you like her, get her.
Having said that, I initially just started out with one Figma. Afterward, it seemed like they called their friends...and now I have a few more of them. Enter into this part of figure collecting at your own risk. XD
02 years agoMyrMyr
well i personally buy figmas only for their posing ability
the overall quality is not as it should be

nendos...dunno...there are soem cute ones

but I settled for 1/8 or higher scale figures after like 5 figmas,
due to quality, detail, etc.

figmas are cool for taking photos and stuff

but scalefigs are just more worth the money
02 years agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
When nendos came out I thought they were weird. I don't like posable figures but I found a cute one for super cheap and bought it. I have three now with maybe 6 on my wish list? If you really want her, get her. Even if it turns out like your nendos and you want a lot, what's wrong with that? You have lots of time to get all the scaled figures you want, so splurge a little on a figma.
02 years agoWoodlandbunnyWoodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
I never used to like figmas either, that is until I saw Miku Append and then along came Haruhi Summre ver and Samus Aran and now I've got a small list of figmas I need to have. It's not as bad as my Nendoroid obsession but still, they're pretty damn addictive.
02 years agoIonotropicIonotropic
Be careful buying figmas. They're really addictive. I started with figma Samus, and somehow I ended up with around 15 or 20 figmas! Bunch of BRS and Fate figmas and some other stuff too.
02 years agolugiastrikeslugiastrikes
Well, there's always the first time for everything. Get one and see if you'll like it? I'm not a big fan of figmas because of all the showing joints but they sure are a lot easier/durable to pose and play around with than a nendoroid in my opinion...
02 years ago (2 years ago)sarunamirabusarunamirabu can you feel the splash
Oh wow I feel honored to see my name in the midst of that text LOL. Anyway.

If you really have one you like, I don't see the harm in just getting one.
Like if you really just like the one figure.
And even if you do buy more of them; I don't see how it's wasted money because you still are getting items you like. It's not like you're getting figures for the sake of getting figures LOL. Even if you're getting them just to complete a set, I don't think you should view it as wasted money because at least they look nice together LOL.

... I'm a Figma person so maybe that's just my outlook LOL. I like all figures, but for example when I put a Figma against a Nendoroid I usually pick the Figma because it's more jointed LOL.

Moro (2 years ago) #1141432Miku's an older figma with more flaws and to top it off she's way
overpriced compared with other figmas. Don't bother. Save your money for something else.

And regards to Miku Figma: it's fine for the most part. I have both old and new Figmas and Nendoroids alike and I can honestly say I have no idea how people are breaking the old ones or having problems with them at all. I never once have had any problems with them LMAO. The only flaw I've ever had with one of these figures actually was a neck joint being looser in an older Nendoroid. I've never had any problems besides this. However, if you decide to get Miku please be a bit more cautious in handling her though: her paint on her boots chips more easily. And if you buy her from a site like Mandarake I don't see how she's way overpriced ... I don't see the price difference LMAO. Plus the irony of that being mentioned when you see the last comment posted on the regular non-Live Stage Miku's page. I mean, I paid $90 for mine, but it's the Live Stage version and I bought it in person at a con LMAO.
02 years agoMoroMoro
Miku's an older figma with more flaws and to top it off she's way overpriced compared with other figmas. Don't bother. Save your money for something else.
02 years agoGothlequinGothlequin
Hahaha I'm the same as you. I really don't like figma type of figures at all. I'm a total klutz so i drop all the pieces everywhere ;A; but when i saw they made a figure of item #77758 Sky High...and he's one of my favorite characters and it was cheap D: SO i had too. TuT Which was bad...because now i want the entire Tiger and Bunny set just to pose them together. I already have bunny preordered and i don't even really like him D:> So just a forewarning. XD If you've done it before you will buy more. FFFF- But they really do look awesome!

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