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During random browsing over the last few days, I've noticed a lot of people have manga listed in their collections here. I'm sure everyone here is aware that the manga in the database is Japanese editions only (everything in the database is Japanese, for that matter!), yet the majority I've come across have been people who own the English editions but add them to their collection anyway. If you're wondering how I worked that one - loot pictures, usually.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you add the Japanese editions to your collection on here even though you own the English version? Does it matter to you? I'm curious.

3, 2, 1 ... Discuss!

Do you add manga to your collection even if it's the English edition not Japanese?

  • 64.43%
    Yes - I don't think it matters.
  • 35.57%
    No - My collection is strictly to the description of the item.

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04 years agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
I completely disagree by adding Manga into Media... I do´'t think that this is correct in this website... once I've added in my collection All saint Seiya Episode G ... but 3 minutes later I've figured... WTH and deleted them all... actually i dont think it's considerable collectibles Item, well it is but not for this website...
04 years agohamsterfactorhamsterfactor
Most of my manga is in Spanish, but I also own some in Japanese and some in English. I only list my actual Japanese volumes over here.
04 years agoLeo_OtakuLeo_Otaku
I own the Japanese versions as listed I do own English ones but mostly to support the author/sales and lend them out. But I only add the Japanese ones that are up so far, many are missing that I own(I don't have the time to add them all to the database yet). I can read a good majority of the Japanese ones, so it isn't a huge issue of language. Plus the covers can be better in Japanese too, as some are LE editions and so forth. I would never own any English artbooks though,they do odd things to the book design and have their brand splashed all over it.
24 years agocatvillage66catvillage66
I don't think it matters. If I had the Japanese versions, I couldn't read them!
04 years agovictorvipervictorviper
Technically, I've never bothered (read: I've been too lazy) to add any English manga to my list of owned items, but I have added the English versions of several artbooks (mainly ones released by Tokyopop and Udon) if they are essentially the same as their Japanese counterparts.
04 years agoDeathRabbitDeathRabbit
I just add them to my collection anyway despite having the English version. The covers are different but I try to figure out which ones they are.

All the author names being 'backwards' always trips me up.
04 years agoShinigamiMaidShinigamiMaid
doesn't bother me
out of the books i have listed on here 3 I have in english
2 I have in english and japanese *double whammy*

I do tend to just list japanese ones I have
I would list the rest of my manga as think it's nice to share what series I read/got but can't be bothered take too long
04 years agokhattkhatt
All my manga are in english at this can't list any here yet.
04 years agoAkiraAkira
My manga collection is in Spanish lol. Yet I didn't want to add all to my collection because I was lazy and then I thought about the site being a figures one. But primary because I didn't want to do it :'P

Being like that, you probably already figured out that I don't think It really matters. Of course, that's up to one. If you want to add to your collection that you got two times the same book (one in English and the other in Japanese) that's ok, I guess, since you can actually do it.
04 years agoAleAle
i dont think it matters...

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