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Hi everyone!

When i start collecting figures i was so careful of them i protected them with my life! mmm... that is a little overreacting afcourse but yes i was careful i still am, but when i found this site and start making pictures a few of my figures got damaged and i hate myself for that... yes it where accidents but still i was not carefull enough.

I still love making pictures of these wonderful figures, but errmm.. how should i say it, dont like the figures so much that i did before they where damaged.. does anyone have the same experience? I also thought about replacing the figs, but some where just to expensive to replace otherwise i could replace them but i can also buy a new one.... SIGH...... i have not replaced any of them but maybe i will when i found one for a good price.

Did any of your figs got damaged or broken during photographing?

This one item #45972 got damaged when i packed her out. the umbrella felt, than when i make pictures of her i accidently bumped her on the glassplate of my cabinet her hair broke..

This one (mfc link) got damaged not during photographing but she felt out of my hands... her fan broke, the paint on her hair turned purple, and her sleeve broke

This one item #19884 arrived with a broken hair piece, later when i want to turn her around the hair piece felt, and has 2 little damages

This one item #12034 felt during photographing her hair on the back has a little damage

this one item #49421 arrived broken, her headphone has to repaired

I really like to replace my kyosho alice, and amatsu misora ni! figure but they where both expensive and still are.. well maybe one day...

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04 years agoAstralFrostAstralFrost
I broke the Uzi on my Ignis item #2896 who was the second figure I ever got. I tried forcing it into her hand, not realising it actually comes apart. It snapped and I freaked out and glued it back together - not in her hand. Now I have no way of getting it in her hand unless I snap it again and reglue it back in her hand. The Uzi now just sits on her base.

That's the only breakage I've had, luckily.
04 years ago (4 years ago)FirelordFirelord
My Azone Fate T. Harlaown figure got damaged as soon as I put her on my shelf. The main problem with this figure is that it's incredibly unstable due to it being so big (and not being a fixed-pose scale model), and it toppled over quite a few times. As a result, both the air vents on Bardiche broke off and because the parts are so small, I can't find them anymore, meaning I can't repair it. Given the amount of money I spent on it, that doesn't really make me happy.
04 years agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
The worst things about broken figures is that even if you repair them you still know it's there. >:

I've had a few close calls mainly when I'm re-arranging them in my cabinet - just as I'm pulling my arm from the cabinet a pointy piece of a figure might get caught on my sleeve and I nearly drag it out with it lol. :\
04 years agolugiastrikeslugiastrikes
Something always ends up snapping off my figures during photoshoots :( I hate myself about it too.
04 years ago (4 years ago)aigisaigis kuso teitoku
the only figure i've received with damage was item #33495 which was a conscious decision i made on my part because it was for that reason she was really cheap for me. 8k just because the smoke had broken off her hand. it was an easy fix, and the breakage isn't noticeable unless you're up close. i have gsc's black rock shooter on the way to me, so when she gets here i'll have the misfortune of worrying if her twintail broke along the way ^^;

the only figure i've ever had fall was item #50597 quite a couple of times too, things on my shelf keep falling and sending him flying 5 ft down or more?! but the only damage he's ever taken is some paint transfer from his knife on to his hand, and a small crack in his stand. he's as durable as he is in the anime/books...
04 years agoFigmaniac93Figmaniac93
I've never received a figure with severe damage. With item #37863, the lightning effect part snapped during a move, but I've managed to fix it with a clever combination of modeler's cement and Elmer's glue. Now you can't tell where it had broken. :3
04 years agoGothlequinGothlequin
karaya (4 years ago) #1176503was standing as good as a drunk passed midnight.

I'm sorry but that got me. Hahahaa.

Also from before I started caring more about my collection (5+ years ago i believe) I have a lot of breaks. I plan to replace them but it sucks in the meantime and they stay on the bottom shelf. Out of my newer items though item #77897 broke right when I got him, his hat strap snapped off, and from the minute I unpacked item #46181 his pegs on his stand wouldn't go in his feet right. He works just enough to be fine but I bought him before i knew they would replace damaged items.
04 years agokarayakaraya
The first serie i really started collecting was the Final Fantasy X 1/6 figures by Kotobukiya back in 2002, #1 Tidus item #2060 was the only articulated one, didnt have a base, was standing as good as a drunk passed midnight.
I cant count how many times he fell on the floor and the sword broke, in the end i was so pissed at him that i wanted to throw him out, gave my whole collection to a friend instead, they averaged from 35 to 65$ a piece each back then, and i grew out of my "Final Fantasy" phase pretty quick, they we're not that awesome except maybe Rikku, if it was any of the ones i have now of course i would be crying over it.
04 years agoshinhawkshinhawk
I broke the tail off my Disgaea 2 Etna figure item #5149. I didn't handle her with much care and she collided with another figure while I was trying to put her back after cleaning her. I glued the tail back on, but some glue spilled on the tail and when I wiped off the glue, it took off some of the paint, so shes got a few unpainted spots on her tail now.



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