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Do you think it's weird for people to start collecting young; 12, 14, 16 years old? Do you consider it mostly a hobby for young adults, or does age not matter at all? Is there an age where someone should stop collecting, regardless of their interest? I see lots of comments about people being shocked to find a younger teen with a decent sized collection, or finding someone who's married with kids, and it makes me curious. o w o

What age is socially acceptable to start a figure collection?

  • 3.16%
    At least 12+
  • 25.32%
    Somewhere in the upper teens, 15-18+
  • 10.13%
    20+ years
  • 60.13%
    I don't think age matters at all!
  • 1.27%
    Doesn't matter when they start, but they should quit at a certain age.

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04 years agomaraiatorimaraiatori
If they like the hobby, why not?
04 years agoghirahimghirahim Needs more Kyouko
I don't think age is important to start a collection, my younger sister is 12 and collects figmas and the odd nendoroid petit with either pocket money or she receives them as Christmas/birthday presents. She gets quite frustrated seeing nice scale figures that she can't afford yet though, I just tell her when she's older and has a job she'll be able to save properly for them. c:
So age doesn't really matter, unless of course the figure is not appropriate or pressure is being put on parents to go out and buy expensive figures for their kid.
Same goes with stopping, there isn't an age which one should stop in my opinion.
04 years agojustineskijustineski
I started gaining an interest in figures once i was old enough to go to conventions (14+). Back then I didnt have a job of course so I couldnt afford to buy figures at the time. I was lucky enough to get my first figure for christmas one year. Even if i had the money - i had no knowledge of figures back then - i probably would have bought counterfeits XD

anyways my point is - im glad i started collecting at an age where im smart enough to research into figures I buy. I also have a better taste in anime then i did back then
04 years agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
sorryiwasin (4 years ago) #1187516Edit - I've just read the comments and there's a lot of "don't use your parents money" going on. To be honest, if your parents can afford it and want to buy you it then I don't see why not. As long as you take care of them. I didn't have a lot when I was younger but not everyone lives that way. Some people just do have excess money to burn. Why not spend it on their kids? Worst case scenario, kid grows out of it, sells them for profit. Lets face it, these could be viewed as just pricey toys.

If they offer, I don't think the complaints apply. I think what most people are thinking about (well, I am at least) are those who throw tantrums when their parents don't get them this really expensive figure because they haven't been behaving or because they can't afford it.
Pocket money also doesn't apply, because that counts as the child's money once the parents give it :P
04 years agojenajena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
I can imagine that younger kids would start with trading figures and the occasional scale figure for birthdays or something, but as you get older this hobby becomes easier to afford and that's when you can start collecting full series' etc. I personally don't care what age a collector is, as long as they genuinely love collecting then I don't care if a collector is 16 or 66!
04 years agoAmyInWonderlandAmyInWonderland
I feel like this is such an expensive hobby, that you should be of at least working age to help pay for it all. Nothing wrong with a 12 year old having figures but I know I certainly appreciate mine more knowing I payed for them all.
04 years agoThunderThunder
What's socially acceptable and personally acceptable are two different things. Personally I say someone can start whenever they want provided they have the means. Such a thing like collecting at a young age could be used to teach the person responsibility as well as budgeting skills. Age really has nothing to do with it. However, I would find it suspicious if a very young person had figures in suggestive costumes or poses.
04 years agobaldr365baldr365
There's a difference between parents wanting to buy something for their kids and getting begged constantly to buy a figure. I don't see a problem with the former.
04 years agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
yuebing (4 years ago) #1186742Also there's the whole internet-ordering thing! Maybe it's just my parents, but when I was a teen my mother and my father really didn't trust ebay or any online shopping sites so asking for figures would have been almost impossible...Lol I remember when I was ~14 or so I discovered Ebay and found all this Fruits Basket and bootleg Hamtaro stuff...boy did I have to keep my grades up to convince my parents to get me them as X-mas presents xD

I think what most people are trying to say is that it isn't bad or anything for younger people to collect, it's just a matter of where the money comes from. If you earn an allowance or B-day/Christmas/good grades/etc. money from your family then you have all rights to buy whatever you want whether it's clothing, food, figures, etc. However, I think it's really wrong for young children to order these expensive figures, THEN beg their family for money or ask to use their credit cards. There are definitely cases of children on here who order too much, can't convince their parents to purchase them for them and then have to end up cancelling entire orders. In this case the child really needs to get educated quickly about how money works.
04 years agoWario54Wario54
In my opinion, some people here that find it wrong if parents buy figures for their children are exaggerating just a bit. Parents buy things for their children. Does it matter if it's cell phones or figures as long as the child is old/responsible enough and the parents agree to it? I got most of my collection from saved up money from holidays and relatives but I'm not gonna lie, my parents bought me a couple of Nendoroids. I don't have a job and I am under the age of 18, but that doesn't make me a spoiled, irresponsible dimwit. I'm going to get a job over the summer but chances are I won't even get paid (internships) however I do work hard in school, I'm not some lazy bum that says "buy me more shiny plastic!" and "I have so many pre-orders and I don't even want them that much lolz." I'm 100% positive I'm not the only teenager who thinks like this.

Bottom line, age doesn't matter as long as the collector truly appreciates the figures they get and, of course, can afford them.

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