iIs this too much?n/a

I was just wondering,
I bought recently Aniplex's Puella Magi Limited edition box set 1, 2 and 3 for 200$ (66$ each)
Puella Magi, as most of you know, is 12 eps. Long.
Is it too much?
Don't get me wrong I am super happy with my purchase,
and also there's the soundtrack included in 3 CDs plus all sort of posters and booklets but
people close to me have been saying that I spend too much on this hobby, and they reacted a lot especially when I told them about this.
They said that I was plain crazy to buy something 12 eps. long for 200$
But I absolutely love Puella Magi... Definitely one of my favorite anime if not #1.
Plus the limited edition is pretty nice!
I am a collector, I like buying that kind of stuff.

What do you think about this?

Also, if you don't know what this limited edition looks like, here's the content of the first box set: (ext link)
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02 years agoAtikalAtikal
if you love it, then there is no problem. And it's not like you're hurting anyone else in the process. (well, maybe those who also wanted tto buy the dvds, lol)
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
Mecatronico (2 years ago) #1203779Well if you like it and are happy that is what matters, plus you helped support the creators, that said, I think 200$ for 12 episodes is to much FOR ME, if you have the money go ahead, if I had money to spare and really wanted some show I would get it too!!!
Yeah, that's what's matters after all.
I was honestly really lucky to get the series! I usually don't have that kind of money either, I just saved and saved, a little bit each month until I was able to buy it.
I don't buy limited editions like that all the time haha!
Well, that's good, it reassures me!
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
poppit (2 years ago) #1203717I think that if you are happy with the purchase and do not regret spending the money, then the price isn't too much. It comes with a lot of stuff, and there are certain series that I would gladly pay $200 for if it came with things like that.

Personally, I don't see why it's anyone's business how much you paid (especially if they aren't in the hobby themselves) and if they think it's too much then who cares. People always feel the need to ask how much I paid for this and that...and really it doesn't matter to them so like others have said, it's best not to say.

I do not regret to have spent my money that way so i guess it's alright. I would do the same too for other different animes.

I know right? I find that disrespectful when they ask, to be honest. They don't even try to show interest, they just ask the price and give me weird looks after, seriously...
I want to not say it, but I just don't know how, especially when they keep insisting... :(
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
Ayunamir (2 years ago) #1203533you are completely ok, you bought what you like but you must not expect everybody to understand this hobby
i'm buying Guilty Crown Limited Edition, each volume is 120$ ( the whole collection is 11 volume ) but i never regret because it making me happy

Yeah, some people just have different tastes so they don't understand...
I haven't finished watching it, but I liked Guilty Crown too! The music was very god, and the art gorgeous! :)
Same thing here, makes me happy too.
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
bomhat (2 years ago) #1203453i paid way more for the jap blu rays. its a good deal what you got
Ah, thanks then! That reassures me!
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
FutSanNoShadowK (2 years ago) #1203432I think buying anything is okay as long as the person paying for it thinks it's worth the price. I have seen people pay $250 for a small can of skin-caring product, $300 for a pair of Japanese-handcrafted jeans, and $4000 for a fancy chair. And there are people who like to travel, spending thousands of dollars in each trip. What I am trying to point out is that different people spend their money in different ways. Each person has his/her own ideas about worthy buys and crazy buys. But, in my opinion, none of them is "better" than another, as they are all really just luxuries.
Yeah, I think the same too, after all it's our money no?
4000$ for hair? o.o Now I know how people feel like when I tell them about my figures haha... I guess they don't get it either...
Yeah, you're right for that :) In the end, we're all spending our money, "wasting" it perhaps, but in different ways... :P
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
Neko_Oni (2 years ago) #1203427Since I love this series so much, eventually I'm going close my eyes and spend for these as well. It's a lot of cash for only twelve episodes, and I feel that they are really soaking the fans...but if you like the series, you'll just do it.
Yeah, it's certainly a bit exaggerated...
But hey, I love the series so much, so why not?
I saved a lot of money for it too.
But I think it was worth it :)
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
Shinigamiyoko (2 years ago) #1203414I also bought all 3. I love Madoka Magica enough to spend that kind of money, but I think it's the exception for me. There's very few other series I'd pay that much for...

I tend not to tell anyone how much anything costs anymore. It's bad enough that most people think I'm 'wasting my money' on plastic girls and DVD's, they certainly don't need another reason to think I'm completely reckless with my money :/

It's absolutely the same thing here! There's really only a few others anime that I would be willing to spend that money for too...

Yes, I agree with you :/
I'll just tell them I don't like it when they ask stuff like that or just plain lie to them...
Or tell them a silly price...
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
baldr365 (2 years ago) #1203135Personally I'd never spend $200 on DVD's when the entire season of shows in the US is available for $20-$30. But if you can afford it then hey, why not.
Hmm yeah I guess that's a question of taste, everyone have different opinions :)
But honestly, I thought the same thing too before. It's just because that anime have all my love and admiration that I did buy this limited edition. (also that it just happened that I had that money at the same time too) But I don't think I'll do something of the sort again anytime soon haha.
02 years agoArieArie veteran puella magi
Strife212 (2 years ago) #1203110Aniplex is my favorite because of releases like this. I don't buy any UK anime releases because they are all cheap quality in my opinion. Haruhi Suzumiya had a nice limited edition, so I got that.
So you like that kind of release yeah? I love them too!
However,I just sometimes prefer a more "cheap" version when I can't afford limited editions...

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