iVocaloid - Kagamine Rin - Vignetteum Cute (SEGA)8.33/10

Here's yet another review! This time I'm reviewing Kagamine Rin from Sega's Vignetteum Cute line. I bought Rin from HLJ for about $7, and although I can't find any more of these figures online, Yahoo!Japan and occasionally Mandarake sell the entire set including two Hatsune Mikus, Megurine Luka, and of course this Rin. If you see any of the Mikus being sold separately or you don't want them anymore hit me up LOL, I'm trying to find them badly.

EDIT: I found the other two Mikus from this Vignetteum Cute series, thank you if you offered to help me! ^ ^

Rin is enclosed in a rather pink package decorated on the sides with all of the various figures in the Vignetteum Cute line. There are also perforated circles on the sides of the boxes; perhaps when these figures were in arcade machines the circles were punched out so the claw can grab the sides. The back basically has a warning saying something like it's probably not for children of some certain age, don't put this next to a fire, etc. On the bottom of the package there are instructions on how to put the figure onto the base securely and safely (you know, you don't wanna poke your eye out or something). I already threw away the hard plastic wrapping, but I assure you Rin was packaged safely so none of the pieces can rub together. The packaging isn't the prettiest, but it's just for a prize figure and the nice touches like the illustrations and the pink bubbles are a nice touch.

I don't own many prize figures, but there is surprisingly quite a bit of detail on this little figure. Rin measures a little bit above two inches including her antenna hair. Her face is sculpted in a chibi style, so it's really fat and unrealistic. However, her eyes are elevated and not flat so it gives the appearance she has eye sockets.
In addition, there is a little black rose in her hair as a clip and there is also a rosette on the front of her dress (near her breast area). I didn't take pictures of this but if you flip the figure over she is actually wearing thigh high socks a garter to hold them up. This is especially surprising, I didn't even notice it until I was writing this review LOL. Rin's long sleeves flow out behind her back so you can't really see her arms, and there aren't any stubs where her hands should be. There are seamlines, but they run along the sides of her dress as well as along her shoulders and neck. Luckily these flowing sleeves cover most of it. The plastic she's made from is also...unique, it shows up shiny in some pictures but in others it looks more matte. I just assume it's "prize-figure" plastic.
Her hair is sculpted beautifully, as she wears a small ponytail high on her head.
Unfortunately, there are many seamlines all along the top of her head, running through her hair and her beautiful ponytail (I'll explain more during the paintjob). To sum it up, impressed with the sculpt for a chibi prize figure because it is clear the sculptors put effort into making this as detailed as possible, but her hair is definitely lacking in the quality department and there are seamlines on this figure.

For the most part, Rin is well painted as there aren't any smudges on her dress. Her face paint is also very accurately applied; I'd be very pissed if part of her eye or her mouth was smudged. Therefore, from her face down the paintjob is nearly perfect. However, all along her hair there are seamlines and globs of paint. I blame the seamlines, but because of this some parts along the top of her head are messy, pushed in, or stickng out. To be honest, it's really unattractive and you'd have to display the figure far away or at eye-level in order to miss this obvious flaw. It's not that bad from this angle, but I blame the lighting and the other side is also bleh D:

Rin is a static figure, so she's not very movable. However, you can move her head around in its socket so she can turn her head to face any direction. What I did find out was that you can take Rin's head off, and she's roughly compatible with Petit Nendoroids. If you do this the head tends to sway to one side since the hole is a bit too big, but it still makes for some funny pictures:
Saihate Miku on the city xD
The city falls :c
Now she's a princess:
Harro thar

Rin's base is black, square, and semi-clear. There are three holes in the base; the two holes up front hold her little feet, while a bigger hole is meant for a little rod to stick up and fit into her back.
I seem to have a problem with bases, because when I took her out I either misplaced the rod or there wasn't one included. Rin can stand up by herself, but she tends to lean backward a little bit without the little black rod in her back (the city leans back a bit too).
What I found cute was a little flat standup of a city, meant to be a little background for her. It adds a nice touch on an otherwise plain base and it looks pretty nice in photos. The downside to this is that you can't take the city out, and because of this you can really only display the base facing forward. There's also a little sticker on the front of the base that presumably says the name of the song Rin was based off of as well as the creator (it says "movie created by mothy" and then some Japanese). Therefore, the base is cute, but you can't turn it around to display Rin from other angles.

Rin is adorable in this pose and figure, but I can't help feeling that she should do something more. This is also probably why I go more for nendoroids and action-based figures, since static-posed figures are really only good for display. I definitely recommend this Rin if you love the character, and you don't need to purchase all of the set as they all look good separately. Omg I photoshopped this one pic of her wayyyy too much and it looks like she came fresh out of hell:

Thanks for reading!

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