iGa-Rei -Zero- - Isayama Yomi - Figma - 067 (Max Factory)9.17/10


figma O67 Yomi Isayama
Character: Yomi Isayama
Series: Ga-Rei: Zero (anime)
Creator: Segawa Hajime
Sculptor: Masaki Asai
Company: Max Factory
Distribuction: Good Smile Company
Seze: ~14,0cm
Materials: PVC, ABS
Price: 2800 ienes (~U$28)
Release Date: May 2010 (Japan)

A brief summary of the series: In Ga-Rei: Zero, Yomi Isayama's past is revealed, showing her relations with Kagura and thus justifies the facts presented in the manga [Ga-Rei]. Count is more than that to spoil the surprise...


There is an obvious reason for the box art is full of blue butterflies; in Japan, butterfly also has to do with death ...


Extras: two extra faces (serious and angry), three pairs of hands (one pair without joints in the wrists), hand holding phone, hand to hold the scabbard, a "back hair" with a ponny-tail, hand with the "spiritual" iron "Douglas 28", spiritual sword "Shishio", seath of the sword, metal chain with plug and a plug for "Douglas 28.


Figure done well, face a little bit close to Kagura, but is very pretty. Just I don't like when Max Factory chooses this black matte finish of rigid pieces: they are "scratched" when exposed to light. I don't know if you guys understand me ... The skirt is in soft material and in two parts. Well, it's worth remembering that the colors are also symbolic: Kagura uses white uniform as she is the "White Priestess"; Yomi uses black uniform, as is the "black Priestess."


The face is kinda small but well detailed. At first I thought the face that comes in the figure is regular, but over time I started to like it. The faces are very nice extras: the angry expression is very good and the serious / sarcastic great too. In photos, you can see that the "spiritual" iron comes inscribed with kanji (I couldn't find meaning) and also with the inscription "Douglas 28". Logical that a joke of autor's series, because Kagura has the spiritual sword "Michael 12", Yomi has a spiritual iron "Douglas 28." You can also see the plug socket on the end of the chain, a very interesting detail. All the hair is of rigid material, only two chops are in soft material, allowing the head to be rotated.


Yomi comes with a 2nd choice of hairstyle: with a ponny-tail. The two "hairstyles" are of rigid material, but the ponny-tail hairstyle has a joint.


Sword "Shishio" with sheath: it's possible to put the sword in its sheath. Anti-spiritual iron "Douglas 28" and the chain that can be connected to iron: at one end of a plug socket. If you choose not chain, you can only put the plug from the outlet.


Guaranteed fun: a figma of Yomi has enough joints (well, within the standards of figmas).


The lining of the box also comes with detachable area to be used as "cover" for bases di: stage.


You can read this review on my blog in Portuguese: [ext link ]

Comments (3)

04 years agoblaizevincentblaizevincent
Just bought this figure! I look forward to her arriving. Nice Review!
06 years agoLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
I agree. A really nice Figma (and I only own two ^^). Very good review.
06 years agoSuokunSuokun
Another excellent review, Bento. I have her sitting at the top of my Monitor. She's cute. ^_^ A shame that her evil face is not like her face in the anime and manga.



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