iSasami: Mahou Shoujo Club - Iwakura Sasami - 1/8 (Eye Scream)8.33/10


Figure: Iwakura Sasami
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Length: 18cm
Pre-painted & assembled
Manufacturer: EyeScream

as seen here on the picture, the packaging is nicely done and both of her body's are on it.

Painting & posing
As you can see here she has 2 body parts
First one: is Sasami in her normal clothes whit apron and a big daikon radish
Second one: Sasami in her gym clothes whit her in her victory pose
As for the paiting on this figure are very detailed and nicely finished. the base is a light blue coleur her shoos are detailed and nicely done.

these are all the parts a base whit her lower body 2 upper body parts and 2 pig tails ( Left and right)


I like to switch her body some times but mostly keep her on the normal clothes and daikon part but some times i switch them. the pig tail you can either put be hind her back or on the front of her body, she just looks to cute in bothe of her body's, in my opinion she has a little bit of loliness in her but still she is super cute, i wish she also had the body part of the Magical girls club body part.

well thats all i can do for now thanks for looking at this review let me know what you think.

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